13 Feb 2008, Comments Off on Cast Iron Balcony is sorry

Cast Iron Balcony is sorry

Author: Helen

On July 20, 1969, our classes came to a stop and we sat in the Assembly hall to watch the first moon landing.

Today, Girlchild and the other school classes will do the same to watch the national apology.

To hear some increasingly desperate politicians, you’d think the degree of difficulty was about the same.

None of the people complaining “but I didn’t do it” have ethical objections to saying “oh, I’m so sorry!” to their friend Deb when young Wayne has totalled his Holden and joined the invisible choir at two am the night before when they were securely tucked up in bed.

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  • Dysthymiac says:

    Dear BOACIB, the degrees of difficulty –

    Moon Landing: 10
    SINCERE Apology: 10

    and Labor had the Level-10 guts.

    Nobody ever mentions that it was ENGLAND, the Kingdom of England (it is not even a Country) which stole this fabulous island from it’s traditional occupants.
    England owes reparation to every one of the descendants.
    this could bring England to it’s knees.
    First we send back every English-born (non-naturalised) person who is actually IN Australia right now.
    All of them
    No more Visas or pensions or employment.
    It would be declaring war without a shot being fired.
    Then, stop any Australian citizen from spending their tourist dollars IN the Kingdom of England.
    We can bring a country to it’s knees without the Dept of Defence.
    England owes the Traditional Owners of Terra Australis, and BIGTIME.

  • Annie…

    Don’t blame the English. Blame the French. They stole our country back in 1066 and still own 90 per cent of it to this day. They run the BBC, own most of the countryside and still weild ultimate power in the House of Lords. It was the descendants of the French Aristocracy (now laughingly called the British Aristocracy) who rounded up all us ‘umble Saxon, Norse and Celtic descended peasants because they didn’t like us much and shipped us over to your great orange continent. The rest of us had about as much say in the matter as you Ozzies did. Blaming the English (in the strictest sense of the word) would be a bit like blaming the Jews for the Second World War.

    And while I’m on the subject, I personally want Cromwell to say he’s sorry for buggering up any hope of republicanism in this horrible inbred, Norman controlled country. Admittedly he did have his head lobbed off and stuck on Traitor’s Gate in the end…but he was dead by then, so that doesn’t count.

    Er…I’m going off at a bit of a tangent now, aren’t I? Ahem…sorry about that…

  • I’m sorry.

    I’m so sorry. And angry. Anyone with a pulse should understand.

  • blue milk says:

    Wasn’t it just so beautiful?

  • Ariel says:

    I thought it was wonderful how the kids stopped classes to listen, watch and discuss this event. Now, THAT’S education. The way my son’s teacher dealt with it made me feel perfectly supportive about the teacher’s strike.

    What a day. And what tools Brendan Nelson & Tony Abbot are …

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