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27 Feb 2008, Comments Off on Don’t Fuck it Up part 1

Don’t Fuck it Up part 1

Author: Helen

When I turned my newspaper page to the Fed News yesterday and saw the new Steering committee for the PM’s 2020 summit, and I saw 10 blokes staring back at me from the composite photo; all of whom were white Anglo, Irish, Welsh or European types, except for one (Kelvin Kong)… and one woman…

…that’s one woman plus ten men, not one out of ten…

Do you think I felt sanguine about the immediate future of our nation in terms of the directions it’s going to take with this steering committee steering it?

The selectors’ idea of “get[ting] as broad a range of people as possible” was including opposition ministers. D’oh!

And the one woman included, and I’m sorry, and I know how bright and hardworking Cate Blanchett is, but she’s a bloody actor. And. Did you notice that the linked article in the online version of the AGE is not in the News section any more, but in the Life and Style section? Don’t tell me that means nothing.

Other people have noticed.

24 Feb 2008, Comments Off on “They’ve had three months of grieving and sulking and carrying on. It’s about time they started behaving like a proper opposition.”

“They’ve had three months of grieving and sulking and carrying on. It’s about time they started behaving like a proper opposition.”

Author: Helen

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry watching the scenes in Question time last night. Lord knows I don’t think the new PM or any of the other members of his front bench is any kind of Messiah (expect more posts on that subject shortly). But jesus christ on a cracker, look at the new “opposition”. As Carolinkus said here, “these guys really are horribly desperately dreadful.” I think that pretty much nails it.

VIRGINIA TRIOLI, PRESENTER: It’s often likened to an unruly schoolyard and today the behaviour of MPs in Federal Parliament did nothing to improve that reputation.

On its first official Friday sitting, the House of Representatives descended into chaos, shouting matches and general defiance of the Speaker.

The planned business of Parliament barely got a look in amid the pandemonium – which culminated in a cardboard cut-out of the Prime Minister being dragged into the chamber and later ordered back out.
DANA ROBERSTON: Finally, the faux Prime Minister and his Parliamentary companion departed, but others didn’t give up quite so easily. Liberal MP Steve Ciobo had to be escorted out.

SPEAKER: Because of the gross disorderly conduct of the member, I ask the sergeant to remove the member. I ask the sergeant to remove the member.

DANA ROBERSTON: He was soon joined in the Parliamentary sin bin by Joanna Gash and Tony Abbott…

And what was the reason? Because the PM was visiting the devastated town of Mackay. That’s what prime ministers do when there’s a natural disaster. isn’t it? If he hadn’t, the Libs would have attacked with “The PM’s warming his bum on a parliamentary seat while Mackay drowns” schtick. Either way, they’ll find a way to spin it. (Is Crosby Textor still on their payroll?)

These people can’t build anything; their only skill is in tearing people down, and they’re not even very good at that.

Lindsay Tanner (for whom I carry no torches) was magnificent, this time, in his well-crafted scorn.

They’ve had three months of grieving and sulking and carrying on. It’s about time they started behaving like a proper opposition.

You know what else I noticed? He wasn’t smirking. It was good. Let’s make our Parliament a smirk-free zone.

20 Feb 2008, Comments Off on Hooves, galloping, fading into distance

Hooves, galloping, fading into distance

Author: Helen

Twisty is blogging at I blame the Patriarchy again.

She’s been gone for a long time, and here’s why.

Well her jeans they get like a wet saddle blanket
And her boots are like you’d figure
And her car is full of hay
Horses, humans if she had to rank it
You’d bet on they that canter
And them that need fly spray

And you see i don’t see her much since she started with horses
No i don’t see her much since she started to ride

Go boys, tell ’em all about it!


Cantle and fetlock, barrel and mane
Don’t see her much since she started to train

Cannon bone, knee bone, forearm and arm
I don’t see her much when she heads for the barn
And she’s so satisfied when she’s riding and drinking
She must just love that smell of the barn i would say
She’s so satisfied when she’s grooming and graining
And she’s tired in the evening and she’s gone in the day

And no i don’t see her much since she started with horses
No i don’t see her much since she started to ride.


19 Feb 2008, Comments (8)


Author: Helen

The internets are all great fun. Sometimes I feel as though I’m just churning out words though, and wish I was doing more with this medium, to improve live on earth right here, right now, in some tangible way.

Cileo of cfsmtb (in low earth orbit) has done just that.

Ms Kosky will today meet bicycle and transport groups to advise them that she will reverse the policy.

…Chris Star, who helped form lobby group Bin the Bike Ban last month, said she was relieved the ban had been dropped.

“It created a lot of anger because we saw it as a denial of service. And it was done at such short notice and without consultation,” she said.

Oh well done that woman! (and all the other people in Victoria who lobbied against the ban). Here’s the Balcony’s response over the fold…


15 Feb 2008, Comments (1)

Friday Happy hedgehogblogging

Author: Helen

Since I have dropped my camera in the river, so I haven’t got any pictures of little Ollie yet – so frustrating – here’s something almost as cute.

Via Shakesville.

As far as the Ollmeister is going, he is chilled, except that if the daily routine is upset beyond a certain point, he does occasionally poo on the floor. This isn’t a housetraining issue – he’s perfectly capable of going the night inside. It’s the way he expresses his displeasure when his new humans stay out late or bring too many other people and dogs into the house. I’m quietly confident that when he crosses the six-month-or so mark and gets some real sense of security, he’ll stop doing it.

As for Maggie, she of the aloof haughtiness towards other dogs, she loves him so much it’s almost nauseating. I’d expected her to take a long time to accept him, but they’re now inseparable- snuggling, playing chase, wrestling and ever-so-gently growling together. It’s a beautiful thing.

13 Feb 2008, Comments Off on Cast Iron Balcony is sorry

Cast Iron Balcony is sorry

Author: Helen

On July 20, 1969, our classes came to a stop and we sat in the Assembly hall to watch the first moon landing.

Today, Girlchild and the other school classes will do the same to watch the national apology.

To hear some increasingly desperate politicians, you’d think the degree of difficulty was about the same.

None of the people complaining “but I didn’t do it” have ethical objections to saying “oh, I’m so sorry!” to their friend Deb when young Wayne has totalled his Holden and joined the invisible choir at two am the night before when they were securely tucked up in bed.