24 Jan 2008, Comments (4)

Almost Famous

Author: Helen

Mr Bucket was mentioned in the Arts pages of the AGE yesterday.

He was part of a review of the artists market where SO sells his Bucket wares: Subversive artists blooming in Rose street, by Robert Nelson. Boo to the mean editors at the AGE who didn’t put the article on line.

SO’s paragraph reads:

Some pieces lie on the side of farce, as with Mr Bucket, a range of clothing that features a suited man, perhaps from the 1950s, with a bucket over his head. Gathering an apparently heroic reputation, the character is the archetype of the corporate automaton, his head an empty vessel without the faculties of sense or communication.


Comments (4)

  • shula says:

    I saw it.

    I heart Mr Bucket.

  • shula says:

    I never realised, though, that he is so deep.

  • Dysthymiac says:

    a suit is subversive?
    I had assumed the bucket repels evil waves from mobile phones n stuff, and that Mr Bucket was v. clever

    Let us hope the article results in massive trading at the next market.

  • Helen says:

    Heh… maybe it it’s subverting the suit… or, wait, we need the SPS (Special Postmodernist Service) to explain that one…

    *Sirens wailing*

    *Postmodernists jump out in special protective gear and shove an abstruse meaning sideways into the suit*

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