15 Jan 2008, Comments Off on Second dog

Second dog

Author: Helen

We’ve been considering getting a second dog for a while now.

Boychild passionately wants one of his own. He dotes on Maggie, but she’s really Girlchild’s dog, and I think it would be good for Maggie to have a canine friend for when we’re at school and work. I don’t think it will be easy, because she’s often quite standoffish with other dogs.

Now an offer of a very sweet pug cross has dropped into my email inbox and we’re going to look at him this afternoon. If we do decide to bring him home, we’ll have to take it slowly and carefully with getting the two dogs acquainted with each other.

To those with two dogs – should they have separate kennels / beds or one big one to be pack animals and sleep together? Does this vary with the dog? I’ve only had singletons before, so this is new territory for me. I’m finding good stuff like this via google, but it doesn’t mention sleeping arrangements.

If you have advice it’s not only welcome, I say “bring it on”!

Fingers crossed for now.

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  • armagnac esq says:

    You may have seen the tales of high tension when Missy Minh was introduced to Chairman Mao. Although they are incredibly close, I think that the psychotic episode Mao went into, the first such he had ever had, marked the triggering of his nutbag streak that comes out from time to time.

    That being said, they are cats. I have nothing of real value to add….

    …although we now have the issue of considering whether such reaction could occur if we were to ever, ahem, find a second Bear.

  • suze says:

    I’d say they should definitely both have their own bed.
    We’ve introduced a second dog twice, both to our much older dog. We wanted her to be top dog so we made a point of feeding her first every night and giving her treats in front of the other dog.
    But the main thing is for each dog to have a human leader – it could be the same person or different people, but the ‘top dog’ in a household should actually be human. So your son needs to learn how to be in charge of the new dog, how to act authoritatively. He should feed the new dog and make it ‘sit’ before giving it its food. He should make it sit before putting on its lead and it should have a moveable bed which he makes it sit in at his feet when he’s sitting down eg watching tv.

  • Helen says:

    Thanks Suze and Armanac! I think we may not have such problems as you had ‘nac, our animals are not as highly bred as yours. Ahem.

    Update! He’s home, and he’s fabulous! He’s a bit disoriented and miserable, poor love, the woman we got him from is a dog whisperer extraordinaire and he had obviously come to love her. With the upheavals he’s been through, obviously the next move was going to be painful.

    I hope he starts to relax tomorrow and decides we are OK.

    His various owners have been serial renamers, so he doesn’t really have a name he answers to, so Boychild still gets to name him.

    He’s a pugalier, but doesn’t look at all spaniely, except that he has long legs, but still has a very short coat. What he looks like, is a miniature boxer. Gorgeous!

    Miraculously, Maggie the Insecure has taken to him at once. I think. Touch wood.

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