24 Dec 2007, Comments Off on Merry Xmas to you and to you and to you

Merry Xmas to you and to you and to you

Author: Helen

From Eucalyptus:

These trees have very rapid growth at this time of the year. Appearing fully formed and complete with a shiny inedible fruit and spangly lights. The appearance of one tree seems to prompt a plague, they appear everywhere, and cause some mysterious emulatory disease to take hold in the far corners of the world.

I wasn’t going to buy a tree this year, because the drought had pushed up the price beyond my limit, but even my hardened heart missed the piney smell. I was rather pleased actually that the kids missed it – a sign that they aren’t hardened little consumerists yet. Luckily, Coles must have overbought because a couple of days ago the price dropped to below even last year’s. So now we have a pine tree in the living room again. Boychild has appointed himself boss of Christmas decorations.

To all the bloggers out there…

To everyone who made me laugh, made me cry, made me squirt various beverages through my nose, and even made me think, in 2007. To all the people who have commented on my blog, and all the lurkers too.

May your 2008 be great, mate. Be careful on the roads if you’re driving around.

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