5 Dec 2007, Comments Off on He probably thought he was home and hosed after “Muralitharan”

He probably thought he was home and hosed after “Muralitharan”

Author: Helen

Sports announcer on the ABC on Monday morning:

“Blah, blah, blah of the blah as Muralitharan’s set to overtake Shane Spawn.”

Long pause.


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  • heh, poor bastard. A petty little part of me squeals with glee when something happens to topple Shane Warne.

  • Gianna says:


    after bedding 1001 women, surely he’s feeling a bit warne out?

  • Paul W. says:

    Warne is a walking punchline anyway

    OT: Rudd has sent back his first refugees – not surprised.

  • Helen says:

    That’s great, Paul.
    Haven’t seen a paper or listened to the news today – sick as several dogs.

    Had a haircut on Saturday and read about Spawnie in Womens Day, which was kind of bloggable, but head.. full… of … concrete… Sorry, hairdresser lady, I’m afraid you’ve got it now.

    *Drags self back to bed*

  • Helen says:

    There, you see?
    I can’t even understand what I’m reading. “Sent back refugees” not FREED refugees which was how my fevered brain read it. So, yes Paul, that is bad, not great.

    definitely in no shape to blog any more tonight.

  • tigtog says:

    Love the WarneSpawn line.

    Sad about the refugees.

  • Paul W. says:

    Was there ever any real doubt that Rudd would do that – it was a Labor government – Keating – that set up the whole system.

  • Helen says:

    Yes and the RAC (Refugee Action Collective Vic) pointed out that the Labor then-opposition favoured the Christmas Island solution. With the plans for nurseries and rudimentary schools in the buildings (no specific link, you’ll need to scroll down).

    There was a post at Orcinus on similar facilities to ours being built in Texas and elsewhere. I erroneously commented that our lot had seen the light finally on children in detention – forgetting about the Christmas Island blueprint…. 🙁

    I have never been starry-eyed about the incoming government, just glad to get rid of the last one. Expect posts in the future (when I get rid of the lurgi from hell) on such topics as
    *The new government’s stupid piecemeal attitude to education reform (what revolution?), with reference to Kevin’s statement back in early 2007 that he was all for the Right of Parents to Choose Private Schools. And the laptops thing? Gah.
    *Julia Gillard’s close links with the forestry wing of the CFMEU: Personable, smart, good female role model, and a walking talking disaster for the environment. Will the situation in Victoria and Tasmania ever change under this government?

  • Carl! says:

    Am looking forward to an education revolution bashing.

    Just for the record, I was here ages ago and read a piece on public transport.


  • Helen says:

    Welcome Carl!, sorry you spent so long in the spaminator.
    *grumble* That would have been one of my “I hate Connex” posts *grumble*

    (I also hate Sita Bus Lines, just for the record)

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