26 Nov 2007, Comments Off on Speech Therapy: the R word

Speech Therapy: the R word

Author: Helen

Scene: A back room at the Wentworth Hotel, 9:30, saturday, November 24.

The soon-to-be-ex PM is rehearsing an especially tricky section of his concession speech with a coach from Crosby Textor.

Crosby Textor Coach: Now, deep breath and try again. You can do this!

Rodent: I t-t-t-t-take…

CTC: C’mon…

Rodent: I t-t-t-take fuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaargh!

CTC: Full.

Rodent: fuuuaaaaaaargh! Respoooooooooooniiiiiibleeeee…

CTC: Res-pon-si-bil-ity.

Rodent: Yes, I AM aware of that. It’s the word order I find, quite frankly, mr Spoiker, offensive to a great statesman such as myself.

CTC: I’m not your Mr Speaker, you made that mistake before. Try to remember we’re not in Parliament now. Right, let’s go again, not long to go before your speech.

Rodent: I t-taa..ake fuuuargh! Respoooooooooooniiiiiieeeee! Aaargh! It burns!

CTC: Here, have some water. Don’t worry mate, I know you haven’t had any practice with this. we’ll have it down by the time you hit the podium.

Rodent: I’m meltiiiiiiing…..

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  • Bernice says:

    i had no idea about the Granny Smith festival gaffe – what a beauty!! & of course Howard’s problem had become that even if he did take responsibility for anything, who’d be convinced?

  • Ariel says:

    That GS festival gaffe was wonderful, wasn’t it? What a brilliant message to send to the electorate.

    Howard’s Liberal colleagues seem to agree with him that he bears full responsibility for it all, too. It’s wonderful watching the Libs do the post-election ‘we obviously have a message from the Australian public, we will need to do a lot of listening’ thing for once.

  • Ann O'Dyne says:

    While fully aware that Mrs.Rudd owes us nothing, I live in hope that she sets a visible example of community responsibility – develops a charitable profile etc etc.
    The previous Mrs looked to me like she had no friends.
    it would have been a help to her husband’s appeal if we had seen the occasional photo of her with anybody else.

  • Love this oped piece from today (particularly: “It’s the ecology, stupid.”


  • david tiley says:

    That is very, very funny. Thank you.

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