17 Nov 2007, Comments Off on Bucket!


Author: Helen

It’s shameless self promotion time.

We have a new family business: Meet Mr. Bucket.

It’s SO’s new business. For months, our study has been filling up with cardboard boxes of T shirts. SO has been feverishly screen printing, sewing on labels and churning out swing tags. I’d say the T shirts are sweatshop free, but that’s not strictly true- he is the sweatshop. He’s diversified into hoodies, and Mr Bucket BBQ aprons for that hard-to-buy-for uncle, Dad or partner.

Mr Bucket T shirts come in an ice cream bucket, maintaining the bucket theme, so they make interesting presents.

We’ve also had a new addition to the family, Mr. Bucket himself, the six-foot-plus mannequin (he’s no dummy), who lives with us when he isn’t working. Here he is at the Rose Street Market, in Fitzroy, where he goes every Saturday from 10 to 5. When he isn’t there, or in the shop window of the Village Idiom in Yarraville, he stands just inside our front door, frightening the living shit out of me every time I come home forgetting he’s there.


If you can’t make it to these places, don’t despair, because you can always order one from the Mr Bucket web site, or on eBay. The t shirts come in a variety of mens and womens’ styles.

And then, to be topical, there’s the Vote Bucket campaign.

Protect Australia – Vote Bucket

We don’t know how far this thing is going to go, but it’s growing. SO is certainly enjoying the ride.

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  • shula says:

    These are fantastic.

    I’m flat broke, or I would have lost my mind.


  • Graham Bell says:

    Toddled over from Larvatus Prodeo in Exile. This “Shameless Self Promotion” is entirely forgivable and of a far higher standard and much much nicer than what is swirling around in the mainstram media these days. Good luck to both of you. 😀

  • These ARE fantastic. I’m on the verge of ordering. Only one thing stops me…

    Could you ask Mr Bucket to include more information about sizes on his website? I’ve had to return many t-shirts in my time because the terms S – M – L (and even 10 – 12 – 14) seem to vary widely, (like women’s bodies) 😉

    Thanking you kindly.

  • Ariel says:

    I’ve seen Mr Bucket in the Village Idiom and been pleasantly intrigued. Shall take advantage of my location and pop into the store for a proper browse next time I’m in the village (which would probably be this arvo!)

  • Mark says:

    Will there be a ‘Ned Kelly’ Mr Bucket?

    I really like them, but the cash flow is frozen. 🙁

    Maybe Santa will …

    good luck to Mr Bucket.

  • Nabakov says:

    Maybe it’s me but really I don’t find this kinda thing amusing at all.

    But now if Mr Bucket was wearing a double-breasted suit, then I’d be laughing.

  • Helen says:

    Yes, there will be a Ned Kelly Mr Bucket with an homage to Sidney Nolan in there.
    Sorry Nabs for excluding the double-breasted community, will do better in future.

  • Hi, thanks for coming by my site and for your comments. I’ve enjoyed scanning through your posts, though I must admit to not being up on my Aussie politics. That will likely change in the next six months or so as we’re migrating down to Adelaide.

    I am willing to go out on a limb and guess that Mr. Buckethead is inspired by hero/villain Ned Kelly?

    The last shirt is a gas.

    All the best.

  • Ann O'Dyne says:

    Suits me, I’m always double-breasted.

    May the entire project Pail Into Significance.

  • I’ve seen him at Rose St for weeks – very quirky 🙂

  • Helen says:

    May the entire project Pail Into Significance.


  • blue milk says:

    That is fantastic – I’m so impressed with your overflowing cool quota. Will definitely look at your t-shirts for the next gift I buy someone.

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