6 Nov 2007, Comments Off on Larvatus Prodeo in Exile

Larvatus Prodeo in Exile

Author: Helen

This will only be of interest if you’re a regular at Larvatus Prodeo. Pass it on.

From Mark Bahnisch:

We’ve had major problems over the last few days with a spam attack of unprecedented size, which has rendered LP almost unusable due to constant database errors. We’ll be upgrading and moving to a new host over the weekend (at which point we’ll disappear altogether for a few days).

Basically, the increased traffic we’ve had since the election began (up by about a third on normal) has made us a more attractive target to spammers.

In the meantime, we’ve found turning comments off keeps the site working as the spammers posting comments is the cause of too many database connections open at once – hence the outages. We’ve picked the new host for greater reliability as well as more bandwidth.

In the meantime, we’ve set up a backup blog – LP in Exile – where we’ll be crossposting and where comments can be posted:


We’re also appealing for donations to assist with costs involved in the move:


We’d be very grateful if you could post about this, or disseminate it in other ways to other friends of LP.

Please bear with us during this time of transition, and we hope we’ll be back all shiny and new next week.


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