28 Oct 2007, Comments Off on Not just pretty (type)faces

Not just pretty (type)faces

Author: Helen

Besides entertaining us all with writing, many of my must-read bloggers have started some exciting real-life projects. Here’s some of the things people have been doing.

Ampersand Duck and Crazybrave Zoe have started up a website for Artwranglers. As well as publishing posts on art, artists and exhibitions, Artwranglers does collection management, conservation, valuation, database management, transport and all kinds of useful technical stuff. Zoe is running the blog and Ducky is doing the printed material. Here is something very frightening from the earliest posts on the blog. Oy.

Laura of Sills Bend (and Sarsaparilla) is putting together a Jane Austen and Comedy conference for late November. As a non-academic I was inspired by the idea of going to hear the Germaine Greer lecture. Girlchild and I are going. We’ve got tickets! Way-hey!

I didn’t know that Spiceblog Anthony had a magazine in addition to the blog. The mag is called Spice, of course. A year’s subscription is a mere $30, which would only buy you three Monthly mags.

Link’s cafe is getting off the ground, and the Blairites are turning themselves inside out, logically speaking; The rightwing penchant (in Australia, that is) of valorising the small business as the highest human endeavour – rank sentimentality, as they really prefer big business- has come up against someone whose politics they don’t agree with actually having one. So they’re trying to make a case that this small business isn’t worthwhile, because it’s, you know, a leftie small business, which leads to various hilarious hippy jokes. Hilarious in their lameness, that is. I’ll make sure I drop into Link’s cafe should I ever be doing a leisurely driving tour through NSW (which might be dimly, remotely possible, if I get my arse into gear, which I rarely do.)

Slightly off topic, because not a blogger, but someone who was mentioned on this blog: Mrs Wainwright has released a new CD, Clickety Clack. Genre: Country /pop/folk (including the subgenre which Trish describes as “Celtic Tragedy”. It’s a fine effort from Trish and the boys. (Channelling Ma-sha): You did good, girlfriend. Well done, darlin’.

Who have I missed? Post a comment with a link to your new business startup, artistic project, recording or imminent world domination.

Coming up: an exciting announcement from the Balcony household. It’s SO’s project, and he’ll want a dedicated post.

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  • TimT says:

    It would seem that quite a few bloggers are going to the Germaine Greer talk: I shall probably see you there!

    As for myself, I’m on the verge of announcing a new 20-page zine put together (mostly) from posts on my blog, and which I shall, over the next week, be sending to anyone who is interested…

  • Helen says:

    Oh yes please. You do good zine.

  • JahTeh says:

    Thanks for that TB link, I couldn’t find it at the time when Caroline was blogging about it. What teeny tiny little minds not to mention vicious those commenters have. Very nasty.

  • anthony says:

    I didn’t know either but then I kept getting these calls at about 10am asking where I was and when was I going to edit the magazine.

    Cheers for the plug for Spice, it’s been a wild and bumpy ride but a rewarding one, and it was a nice surprise to visit and find myself here already.

  • Tracee Sioux says:

    I made some really cute and hip Hillary Bumper Stickers on So Sioux Me. They say things like “44th President of the United States – It’s a Girl” and “It Takes a Woman to Clean Up the House – The White House.” Fun stuff like that.

  • Zoe says:

    It is very frightening, isn’t it?

  • Helen says:

    Here’s a little something from Kerryn at Sarsaparilla:

    The book cover I have been thinking about most today is that of the wonderfully talented and scandalously undervalued (so far, at least by the Aust Lit mainstream culture, but at least her publishers have the smarts to publish her in hardback) Michelle de Kretser’s third novel The Lost Dog, just published. So very struck was I by the intricate, endearing cover and the beautiful interior design, so to speak, that I did something I don’t often do and checked out the credits. Here is what they said:

    Cover design: Ampersand Duck
    Text design: Ampersand Duck

  • Laura says:

    What Anthony said about the niceness of visiting and finding myself here already.

    Looking forward v much to seeing you and Girlchild at the GG lecture….

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