23 Oct 2007, Comments Off on Whacking Day

Whacking Day

Author: Helen

This is the spider pinata which Boychild and I made for his last birthday party.

It looked even better when its ten ping-pong ball eyes were still in situ.

We used a big balloon, of course, with layers of papier mache. The hairy legs were old cut-up strips of Explorer socks – SO’s inspired contribution.

Trouble was, I hadn’t done this since school, so I wasn’t sure how many papier mache layers were enough.

It turned out that we had massively overdone the layering thing. This was one tough spider.

Dad put his bike helmet on, just in case.

Eventually, we killed it. Yay! Sweeties!

Which gave me another inspiration.

Unfortunately, Election night’s also another family birthday, so I might not be able to carry out my plan of having, or attending, an Election night party. As such.

But I’m totally going to do the Howard Head pinata, wherever I am. There will be photoblogging.

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  • blue milk says:

    That is a VERY impressive pinata and I look forward so much to seeing the Howard Head. Ding Dong the Witch is Dead, let’s hope.

  • Helen says:

    Blue Milk, loved your Maternity Leave post. I’ve had it on my “to do” list for weeks to write to Natasha to ask her if there is still time to change the wording to Parental leave, pretty please. Must find the time.

  • Mark says:

    I love the spider piñata! One day, I’ll get around to to making my own.

    Howard head piñata? What a brilliant idea! Can I ‘borrow’ that one? I’m looking forward to the photos.

    BTW, it’s not just the home-grown piñatas that are hard to break – the commercially bought green dragon piñata we have for our eldest last year was also almost indestructible. It took ages! It needed an adult to give it a few whacks to help it along…

  • Laura says:

    I think I remember some discussion (must’ve been this time last year) with you about the ethics of a Howard’s Head pinata – didn’t you decide it wasn’t right for kids to be smashing a person’s head to bits (even a rat-faced head)? I think you were right. Luckily though this doesn’t remotely apply to adults. I think for them it comes under the category of Therapy.

    Stealing the pinata idea.

  • Helen says:

    If you do Laura and Mark, there must be photos! Three Howard pinatas and counting – awe-sum.
    OK now I’ve got to get my arse into gear and make this thing a reality.

  • tigtog says:

    How are the pinatas coming? I’m spending next weekend with girlfriends – drunkenly creating Howard pinatas together might be just the thing!

  • Helen says:

    It looks as though I won’t make it to the party with the Melbourne bloggers, as I’ll be staying close to home to hover over Girlchild’s party (she only wants a sleepover with friends, but I don’t think I should go too far.) It’ll probably get bashed to death at a neighbour’s place.

    The large round balloon is bought, the glue mixture is mixed, must… get… on… with it…

  • Helen says:

    Sam Sejavka, of Dogs in Space fame, has built an even better one.

    Here’s a detailed account of its making.

    I read the later post first, and thought it was a cat. Actually, it’s a bullant. My bad.

  • Sam Sejavka says:

    I don’t know … this one is pretty impressively weird… officially, mine was the rain god Tlaloc, by the way

  • Helen says:

    It seems to have brought the rain. Well, last week anyway. Maybe we had better get the population busy making Tlaloc pinatas.

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