21 Oct 2007, Comments Off on The evil that men do lives after them, etc.

The evil that men do lives after them, etc.

Author: Helen

Well, well, well. Isn’t this funny!

Not so much the Chaser’s Eulogy, but the reaction to it from mainstream Australia (ACA, Bolta, talkback radio, tabloid newpapers (“Chaser’s war on good taste,” they scream, while publishing an ad banner “Meet SEXY SINGLES through confidential email”; uh-huh), pollies.)

These are the people that think Humourless Feminists™ should just learn to take a joke and that people reporting sexual harassment in the workplace should just lighten up already and stop finger-pointing. These are the same people who would see the concessions made to aboriginal culture with regard to portrayal of the dead on ABC TV as being politically correct. They’re the ones who say that complaints about unfair or hateful portrayal of racial minorities in cartoon or other form is a denial of their freedom of speech and a transgression of Enlightenment values, plus, that useful catch-all epithet again, politically correct. And Howard was the one who dismissed the KKK-costumed antics of the ADF as merely a bit of high-spirited boyish fun.

Then the Chaser goes and sings a rude song about rich, powerful white dudes and dudesses, and look at the uproar.

And oh, irony on top of irony, that the song is performed by a guy called Hansen, while it was a politician called Hanson who goaded that same audience into a lather of resentment towards politically correct elites and upheld the “right” of white Australians to hate and persecute people of other cultures.

This really demonstrates the fact that the white, heterosexual “majority” in countries like Australia, UK and US are blind to their privilege. How many times have you heard someone huff, “Well, you just can’t say anything any more!” but treat dead white people with disrespect, and listen to the howls of outrage.

Readers from outside Australia should click on the Youtube link – you may not recognise some of the names, but it’s still pretty funny. More discussion on Larvatus Prodeo. Pavlov’s Cat has more to say too.
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  • tigtog says:

    Nice summary. The response has been very interesting indeed.

    Minor nitpick – the performer’s name is Andrew HansEn, not HansOn. The song was written by Chris Taylor.

    The discussion on LP has been odd. I certainly didn’t expect 150+ comments.

  • Helen says:

    Thanks Tigtog, fixed.

  • Meself says:

    How many times have you heard someone huff, “Well, you just can’t say anything any more!”

    Rumours of the death of political correctness at the hands of the Rodent have been greatly exaggerated.

    The word ‘hypocrisy’ underpins everything about this whole storm in a cremation casket.

  • J Pierce says:

    What are your views on multiculturalism vs. assimilationism?
    Is Howard-style assimilationism racism?
    I ask after reading a article in the Australian that said multiculturalism “destroys social capital” and that Rudd “was unlikely to revert to the excesses of the Hawke years”.

  • Helen says:

    J Peirce, that would require a whole ‘nother post.
    However, it may have percolated through that I’m not in favour of the “we’re all white anglo/Saxons and anyone who looks a bit different is teh funny” school of thought.

  • blue milk says:

    Helen, spot on analysis.

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