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Author: Helen

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I’m battered, bruised and banged up. One side of my left hand has just gone down, but there is still a major bruise just above one of my knees. I’ve got a painful skinned elbow and my neck is just agony – muscular, fortunately, not skeletal. On Sunday night, I was borderline concussed, headachy, nauseous and unable to think straight.

All this is because I was knocked violently off my bike by…

…a whippet.

Yes, a whippet.

A very fast moving whippet. Still, a dog I could carry around in a shopping bag.

What next? Mauled by a maltese? Gummed to death by a more than usually misanthropic Australian silkie? Throat punched by a tree frog?

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  • suze says:

    You could get a whippet into a shopping bag? Must be a big bag.
    ‘Ouch’ in sympathy.

  • Helen says:

    Suz, a whippet is little! You could easily get one into one of those green bags.

    If you think I’m trolling for sympathy, you are… absolutely correct.

  • Caroline says:

    Whippet, small but speedy. Arnica, Helen, inside and out. One gets to old to fall off anything you know.

  • kate says:

    Ow. As the big burly blokes says on the ad “Hurts, get Mum”. Hope you’re back on your feet, and bike, soon.

  • News reports generally mention the age of the accident victim.

  • Sorry to hear of you injuries. I fear dogs when on the bike too.


  • Helen says:

    Too old to feel dignified sprawling on the ground, FX.
    What a bloody doofus of a labrador.
    Our dog is prone to cannon into people and then tread on them – less so since she’s also reached maturer years.

    Thanks for all the tea and sympathy everyone. It’s greatly appreciated.

  • JM says:

    Ahh whippets.

    Many years ago I rented a room in London from a guy who had inherited the house recently from his mother – along with her 5 whippets, and the basset hound Rex.

    Now my landlord – Richard, who never hestitated to tell me that is family arrived with William the Conquerer – didn’t exercise the dogs at all, most evenings I’d come home and have to negotiate the dog shit in the entrance hall to reach my room. He on the other hand, used to wait frantically for the rent every Friday from me and the other 5 rooms he let before going out and blowing it on champagne in the West End (this was the Thatcher ’80’s and the idle rich were not idle in their leisure)

    One day I thought I’d do him a favor and took the dogs to the park for a walk.

    As me and the 5 dogs, plus Rex went across the grass, a squirrel suddenly took off across the grass towards the next tree (it was spring).

    I swear, whippets aren’t bright, but having 5 of them on leases lunging after a small animal is a real experience. 5 dogs, 1 brain.

    Given the number of squirrels around, and not wanting a repeat, I thought better of the walk and took them home.

    I mentioned the incident to Richard, who said “Oh I just let them off the lease so they can run the squirrels down, gives ’em a bit of sport. The kids get a bit upset” I could well imagine that “Look mummy it’s a squirrel …. being torn to pieces by 5 vicious dogs”

  • So glad it wasn’t a Great Dane greeting you on your bike. Having had a whippet I know how fast those legs can move….Di

  • blue milk says:

    Poor you.. now how’s the whippet?

  • Helen says:

    Never saw the whippet, the kind person who guided me home (yes that’s how bad the bang on the head was) told me. I would hope that the whippet at least had a bit of a headache.

    Today is Ride to Work day and I’m (gulp) riding to work (Shakes in boots).

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