2 Oct 2007, Comments Off on Send those Caucasians back to bloody Caucasia

Send those Caucasians back to bloody Caucasia

Author: Helen

Liep Gony was a gorgeous boy with a goofy grin. He was from the Sudan. By all accounts, he wasn’t some knife-toting gang member.

Liep had finished school and was looking for work to earn some money before applying to university.
“He completed his year 12 but he was trying to look for work before uni,” Mr Joshua [Liep’s uncle] said.”In fact I think he had a promise to be employed by Monday meat processing in Colac.”

But Kevin Andrews chose to associate Liep, in an interview a few days later, with the government’s new policy to reduce Australia’s intake of immigrants from Africa. As if the attack was Liep’s own fault. For being too black, and for inconveniencing whites by putting his head under their fists, or something.

But questioned yesterday about last week’s fatal bashing in Noble Park of Sudanese refugee Liep Gony, 18, and whether better settlement services were needed, he said:

“I have been concerned that some groups don’t seem to be settling and adjusting into the Australian way of life as quickly as we would hope and therefore it makes sense to put the extra money in to provide extra resources, but also to slow down the rate of intake from countries such as Sudan.”

As Suz says: Andrews embarasses us again.

So who were his attackers?

It yesterday emerged that Mr Gony’s alleged attackers were not African. Two Noble Park men, David Rintoull, 22, and Dylan Sabatino, 19 have been charged with Gony’s murder. A girl, 17, is facing other charges. Victorian detectives will seek the trio’s extradition when they face court in Adelaide today.

So, let me get this straight, Mr Andrews – you were blaming the vicious racism of these three or four white people on the Sudanese community whose child they attacked and killed?

Oh, get them out. Get them out soon. These people are intolerable.

I’m talking about the government.
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  • Tim says:

    It’s either unbelievable or all-too-fucking-believable.

  • Wadard says:

    Vile, vile man.

  • shula says:

    I read this at breakfast.

    I thought I must have read it wrong.

  • Ariel says:

    I wish this was the satire it sounds like.

  • Caroline says:

    That is absolutely outrageous.

    Andrews is sounding more and more like a covert supporter of the KKK and while that might be my overly strained incredulity speaking, it would not surprise me one little bit if it were actually close to the truth.

  • Helen says:

    Maybe substitute “Hansonite” for KKK and you’d be pretty accurate. Think 2001, Tampa, Children Overboard. Andrews is pandering to the same people and using the same dog whistle.

  • Ann of Brisbane says:

    Yes Helen it’s the dog whistle again.
    It’s ghastly to think that people who have generally been through trauma and dislocation should have to put up with this.
    For once I’m hoping that the family of refugees that I work with don’t have sufficient English to understand this stuff.
    It is truly time for people of good will to speak out.

  • Meself says:

    This vomitous mob of dog in a manger whistlers makes Menzies’ white Australian policy seem like something created by and overseen by a soiree of circle jerking lotus eating, latte lapping lefty loveys.

  • blue milk says:

    Crazy stuff. Call the election already Howard!

  • Helen says:

    Nice alliteration, G-G

  • Crowlie says:

    How very deeply embarrassing.

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