25 Sep 2007, Comments Off on I’m changing my name to Harriet. Or Fanny

I’m changing my name to Harriet. Or Fanny

Author: Helen

Image from http://www.clas.ufl.edu/users/pcraddoc/ - a woman after my own heart

I chose this image because I’m taking Girlchild and her cousin to Sydney for three days in the school holidays. So I feel very much like one of those Ladies of a certain age who would chaperone young ladies to Bath in a Jane Austen novel. I’m sure the Travelodge won’t be as ritzy as this, though.

This is a question for all bloggers, lurkers and Sydneysiders in particular: what are good things for sixteen-year-olds to do in Sydney?

I’ve had some good suggestions from Facebook:

Catch the Manly ferry to Manly and walk around there
Hang out at Bondi Beach
Ice skating at Fox Studios if they’re into ice skating
Paddington or Balmain or Glebe markets on a Saturday
Powerhouse museum (“sneakily educational”)
Priscilla, Queen of the Desert musical (this met with great approval, but they’ll be coming here to Melbourne in that week; Murphy’s Law.)

Thanks for those suggestions. Any others? We’ll probably be going to see the Cops. Yes, I know, if we’d gone during APEC we could have seen thousands of cops for nothing. Anyway, I expect them to be exceedingly diverting.

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  • su says:

    I’m not from Sydney but a friend of mine likes the Night Noodle markets in Hyde Park North from (I think) October 8- http://www.gfm.smh.com.au/event_view.asp?intid=174

  • what are good things for sixteen-year-olds to do in Sydney?

    I’d suggest giving the parental unit the slip for a few days of partying

  • Helen says:

    LOL!1!Fx. They’re welcome to give me the slip during the day – but as far as going to see bands goes, they’re under 18 so adult in tow. They could probably get away with it on appearance I guess.

  • Red says:

    You could take the bus out to Watson’s Bay and do the Federation Cliff Walk:


    Fantastic views of Sydney Harbour and lots of interesting sights along the way. Then back to Watson’s bay afterwards for (either) fish and chips on the beach or tea ‘n scones at the tea gardens near the baths. A fun day if the weather is good and doesn’t cost too much 😉

    You might also enjoy a wander down King St in Newtown:


    Hope you all enjoy yourselves!

  • Tony.T says:

    Get ’em to watch Blue Murder before you go up. That ought to be good for a few ideas.

  • Bernice says:

    Powerhouse a definite goer – currently showing that simply ghastly wedding dress of Di’s. & if they are clothing-interested, Paddo markets usually have a no. of up & coming makers/ designers in the fab haute range, which can then be followed by a Paddington stroll into little boutiques filled with little things, gorgeous little things all with enormous gorgeous price tags.

  • Ann O'Dyne says:

    and the gorgeous little things are even more costly and gorgeous a bit further along in Queen St Woollahra.
    I lived at 170 Jersey Rd for all of 1977
    and opposite Victoria Barracks at 53 Gipps St Paddo in 1969.
    Hope you have a lovely time – Just smelling the frangipani.

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