17 Sep 2007, Comments Off on How soft have we become

How soft have we become

Author: Helen

When scraping off last year’s rego sticker and putting on this year’s is a job I so dread that I put it off until September?

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  • saint says:

    *looks down, shuffles feet*

    Ahem. I confess that I am so soft that I didn’t scrape off one rego sticker until a few days before it expired…and um, really should scrape the next one off now.

  • Dan says:

    Wow, such decadence … I’ve been known to have four or five of the things waiting to be scraped off. I’d like to say it was my way of sticking it to The Man, but the truth is that the task of removing them never would have made it onto my ToDo list even if creating a ToDo list had made it onto my ToDo list.

  • shula says:

    Darl, I left it so long, I got busted by the cops and it cost me about $130!

    And I STILL haven’t put the new one one.

  • Helen says:

    I just realised that my entire post is meaningless as I didn’t mention the car is registered in June.

  • fridgemagnettt says:

    Gratuitous advice: The secret in getting rego stickers off is in how you put them on (also applies to life, etc).

    DO NOT burnish down as instructed. The lightest caress is enough to hold it there. 12 months later it will lift without a struggle.

    Do you realise how old you have to be to offer wisdom such as this?

  • Ann O'Dyne says:

    For the cost of Registration,
    a white-gloved representative of VicRoads
    should attend personally and do it for you!

  • Recommend they talk to backward South Australias finest Department of Transportation. Their registration stickers peel off and the new ones stay stuck for a year. No dramas.

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