14 Sep 2007, Comments Off on More people I won’t be voting for

More people I won’t be voting for

Author: Helen

I wish I had the fireworkz skillz to align the name of our district properly… but I think the skewwhiffness of it goes OK with the Royston Vasey ambience.

Our local by-election has thrown up the usual assortment of crazies and single-issue independents. There was a handy guide in our local paper. Here are some of the lowlights:

Vern Hughes, DLP. Vern’s a character. He ran for the last election as a founding member of “People Power“, which, to me, sounded suspiciously populist. A little investigation revealed he’d formed PP with Steven Mayne, who most people know as the founder of Crikey. This alliance seems to have fallen apart fairly quickly.

Vern is a passionate wonk whose hobby is starting up Institutes and Foundations and other kinds of thinktanks. He sure has a shitload of ’em. He’s the Executive Director of Social Enterprise Partnerships, Development Manager of the Social Entrepreneurs Network, and now Director of the Centre for Civil Society. He seems to have a strong focus on disability and carers, but he’s apparently a card-carrying member of the IPA and thinks that communities should have the right to opt out of Medicare, so I wouldn’t really want to let him within cooee of actual public policy.

This time, Vern has chosen to hitch his wagon to the (unfortunately) resurgent DLP. I really don’t know what to make of this guy; his affiliations are all over the place. The only consistent impression I get is do. not. want.

But at least he’s a local.

The same can’t be said of young Veronica Hayes of Family First.

Veronica Hayes is a Camberwell nurse who believes her party can make a difference.

Camberwell!? Are you shittin’ me?

The 24-year-old says Family First is the only party that has its attention firmly on what is most important to families and “everyday people”.

Sly and the Family First!

“People here have been taken granted (sic) for too long,” she said. Ms Hayes’ goals for Williamstown include improving housing affordability by abolishing stamp duty for first-time home buyers, getting the pokies out of neighbourhoods and limiting them to the casino and country racetracks, and increasing funding for respite care.

And a burgeoning gay and lesbian community, as well as a lot of renters and would be first home buyers who’ll only lose out again when the abolition of stamp duty pushes up the prices of houses again. Nice idea about the pokies and the respite care, Veronica, but please fuck off back to your leafy Eastern suburb and do not try to foist your idea of the nuclear family on us Westies.

There is nothing whatever about Ms Hayes on Google. She appears to have no life prior to running for office, and I’m sure Family First prefers it that way. She’s not even mentioned anywhere on their website, a day before the election. Damned poor show, FF!

I know I sound ageist; I don’t want to be, honest. They just keep sending us the wrong 24-year-olds. If one of my under-30 bloggy must-reads decided to run for office, I’d vote for them in a flash. Unless they lived in Camberwell.

Then there’s the usual motley collection of independents – most of them more or less nice people, some of them rusted-on council apparatchiks, some of them enthusiastic wonks with no hope of getting their bums anywhere close to the seat of Williamstown.

I’ll vote for Rice at the primary school and buy a cake at the cake stall.
Update 15/09/2007: I told the Labor how-to-vote card holder exactly why I didn’t vote for them. I kind of regret doing the same to the Family First spruiker, as she looked about 15. But, really.
And: No cake stall!!1! What is happening to this country?

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  • Bernice says:

    We’re saving th eeggs for December…

  • Bernice says:

    We’re saving the eggs for December…

  • Bernice says:

    No – definitely the eeggs – they’re the ones you get in marginal electorates only.

  • Helen says:

    Definitely too cryptic for me, Bernice, at this time of night, after 3 or 4 whines, er, wines.

  • Paul W. says:

    Brown and co. are welcome to the 10% or so who identify themselves as “left” in any meaningfull sense. The Tampa election proved that the 10% *do not* speak for the 90%. Even the Labor Left has learned this lesson.

    The fact that the Greens have been infiltrated by Trots and Marxists (like the NDP before them) just makes things that much worse.

    (Disclaimer:I am a member of the Labor Right faction. My views are my own and not officially from the Labor Party).

  • Bernice says:

    Eggs = cakestall…

  • Helen says:

    Paul W: Yes, because the 90% were just responding to the honest reporting from the straightforward media and the honest public servants (Halston, Moore-Wilton).

    As an experiment, why doesn’t Labor back off with its disinformation and smear campaign and see how the Greens do then?

    They (Labor) must be scared of them, or they wouldn’t spend the money on the dirty tricks campaigns.

  • Helen says:

    Bernice, definitely.:-)

  • Paul W. says:

    The Greens swallowed Labor’s bait hook, line and sinker. They were vulnerable not on “green” issues as such – on which most people including me would agree with them – but on their silly and anachronistic Old Left policies like abolishing selective schools. Why does an environmentalist party need a policy on selective schools at all? If they had campaigned on things such as stopping bay dredging and the Grand Prix, ignored Labor’s baiting, and found a decent media-friendly “star” candidate (and not a stereotypical “typical” one), they might well have won Albert Park if not Williamstown.

  • Helen says:

    Well, long story short, because I’d rather vote for a party that was about the issues, rather than about wasting valuable time and resources “baiting” other parties – as you’ve just admitted they are doing.

    You’re continuing the smearing by echo-chambering the “policy on selective schools” . Labor is trying to imply that to the general public whereas the Greens actually want to lift the public system up to a decent education system where gifted students won’t be held back for lack of resources, and where they are not creamed off to the selectives, leaving the rest as a ghetto for the disadvantaged. I think that’s the right way to go and there is a difference between reducing / eliminating the need for selective schools and just shutting them down. AS IF an existing school with the infrastructure in place would be shut down, under a Greens local member’s watch.

    Hopefully the brainy kids and the brainy kids’ parents are intelligent enough to see through that crap.

    Seems some Labor members / former members are, too:

    Mr van Leeuwen, a party member for more than 35 years who worked in the office of former Labor minister Evan Walker and stood for the seat of Prahran in the 1980s, dismissed the Labor letter about selective schools as “nothing more than a scare tactic to stir the pot about the alleged Greens’ policy”.
    “In my opinion there are valuable tens of thousands of election campaign dollars being wasted from central party sources on negative stuff,” he wrote.

  • Ariel says:

    We voted for Janet Rice at the local primary school, too. No cake stall, but there was a sausage sizzle! The really odd thing is that the ALP candidate – now member for Williamstown is assistant national secretary of the Transport Workers Union, who represent the interests of truckers. I’m very surprised that the Greens didn’t campaign against him more heavily on that basis, as our seat is so very, very anti-trucks.

  • Helen says:

    I’m also surprised Ariel, that I just saw a how to vote card (we were checking through the unsolicited mail we still had) and my mum noticed that they’d put Rice at no. 2 even while spending mega $$$ and effort undermining the Greens. My only guess is that one factional hand doesn’t know what the other factional hand is doing!

  • aah good old Vern. Back in his proper home the DLP. Lot of similarities. Long track record of being a cuckoo in other organisations, take them over or destroy them – generally both – while sucking out a salary. Spin everything ever done in past.
    Eg chook raffle becomes:
    restructured single handed poultry industry, conservation of birdlife, build viable feather exports, grass roots endevours for affordable meat in western suburbs, etc etc.

  • Helen says:

    *Cuppa tea on keyboard*

  • Ann O'Dyne says:

    …good thing keyboards don’t cost what they used to.

    and I’d vote anybody in ahead of a ‘Camberwell nurse’
    (ref. recent news on the many dodgy Homes For The Terminally Bewildered in 3204)

    … or nurse from any other postcode.

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