3 Sep 2007, Comments Off on Goodbye to the spleen

Goodbye to the spleen

Author: Helen

I was exceedingly perturbed to read this in the Saturday AGE.

Ken Davidson, a Walkley award-winning economics writer for this newspaper for the past 33 years whose forensic analysis and trenchantly held views have made him a burr under the saddle of governments of both persuasions, has been in hospital after having surgery for a malignant growth that led, in the end, to the removal of his spleen. His partner, Lesley, told us he is recovering, but that his initial groggy response to news of the extracted organ was: “I won’t be able to vent my spleen against governments any more”.

I find a weekly dose of Davidson a wonderful antidote for the neoliberal hegemony and whatever else is bugging me.

Get well soon, Ken. We need you now more than ever! Vent your elbow, vent your gall bladder… just keep venting.

For those of you who might not have read him, here’s a repository of Davidson.

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  • david tiley says:

    Fortunately, the spleen is not a necessary organ. But I hope that growth is gone completely and he escapes the rigours of chemo.

    My only problem with Davidson is that he can be so utterly depressing, in a truthy kind of way.

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