30 Aug 2007, Comments Off on Why I’m an atheist

Why I’m an atheist

Author: Helen

If there was a God, when Paul Lennon – the premier of Tasmania at the centre of the rotten-to-the-core relationship between the State government and Gunns Ltd – pronounced piously that the Federal Government was corrupting the approval process for the Tamar Valley pulp mill, he’d have been struck by lightning and reduced to a wisp of charcoal on the spot.

Unfortunately, that rules out hell.

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  • phil says:

    Unfortuantely that leaves rationality, when all the evidence is that these people are bigger ar**holes than we could possibly imagine.

    He’s on the TV behind me right now and the sludge is toxic beyond belief. Hell would be too good.

  • Bernice says:

    Oh I, as a previous Tasmanian resident, particularly loved the way Lennon played the “rich mainlanders are tryin’ to do us workin’ class Taswegians over” routine. Almost as polished as old Eric Reece – now there was a man who knew how to play the class traitor card…

    And that’s what makes me so furious – his gall at playing on peoples’ fears about employment to ram though something that will disadvantage them. Still, Turmbull’s postponement at least would have given the heinous John Gay heartburn. & hopefully Garrett time to grow a spine.

  • Paul W. says:

    You should have been in Deloraine after the ’05 flood when Lennon bungled the relief and then tried to pull a meet-and-greet – several of the townsfolk almost lynched him!

  • Matthew says:

    Oh how we wish there were visible and furious justice on this earth. Our yearning for such justice could not be the result of evolutionary processes, because only rational or necessary processes can be explained by such forces.

    Perhaps it is our longing for justice that ought to be an evidence FOR the existence of God. He wants us to REALLY REALLY WANT to see these people get their comeuppance that we’ll appreciate it when they are sent off to Hell…

    Just a thought.

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