11 Aug 2007, Comments Off on Blogwarbling


Author: Helen

BlogWarBot: I’m BlogWarBot. Didn’t we ban you?
Cast Iron Balcony: How dare you ban me!
BlogWarBot: What business is it of yours?
CIB: THat’d be telling.
BlogWarBot: Typical. An expression of ignorant privilege.
CIB: OK. admit it. You’re Obby, aren’t you?
BlogWarBot: You keep using that word Obby. I do not think it means what you think it means.
CIB: A name, you dope. Or rather, a nom de plume.
BlogWarBot: I sense an argument from authority coming on…
CIB: You say that like it’s a bad thing.
BlogWarBot: In your dreams, jerk.
CIB: Admit it, you are Obby, aren’t you?
BlogWarBot: I know you’re Obby, but what am I?
CIB: Or maybe the Bird?
BlogWarBot: Gah. Enough with the nuance fetish!
CIB: “…”
BlogWarBot: Come on, I could be looking at Cute Overload.

Go here to play.

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