7 Aug 2007, Comments Off on Government’s IR ads redux: It appears there is a God*

Government’s IR ads redux: It appears there is a God*

Author: Helen

Oh, how sweet it is.

I couldn’t find the script of the ad I described in the previous post when I wrote it. You can find it now in the ABC item linked above – in the context of this ad being pulled with indecent haste. Much cackling on the Balcony over breakfast this morning.

VOICEOVER (from advertisement): The workplace relations system – know where you stand.

TONY EASTLEY: Part of the ad there.

Well, as it’s turned out, the actor playing the father had a painting business in real life and he’s been accused of ripping off one of his young employees.

Twenty-year-old Erin Gebert claims the actor, Damien Richardson, owes him about $2,000 in wages.

Erin Gebert’s father, Peter, is speaking here with our reporter, Brendan Trembath.

PETER GERBERT: Two weeks ago, on a Sunday morning, my wife and I were sitting in our kitchen having a cup of coffee and Erin was in his bedroom sleeping and watching TV and he came running out to us saying, “Have a look at this ad on TV”. And I said, “What do you mean?” And he said, “It’s Damien Richardson, my old boss”.

And we had a look at the ad and it kept coming on the TV that morning, and he explained that this was the bloke that he’d worked for for just under 12 months and over that period of time Erin got to the point where he had to resign effectively from an apprenticeship that this bloke had signed up for him, because he just continually wasn’t getting paid.

… and it just gets worse from there.

You can imagine the Liberal staff and PR hacks, head in hands, moaning softly and assuming the foetal position. As Mark Bahnisch on Larvyprod says, just gold.

*Updated title courtesy of the brilliant cheese-fryin’ Shula.

Update 2: It just gets better and better

Mr Richardson’s estranged son, Mr Moore, yesterday backed the complaints of other young workers, saying he had worked for about 11 weeks in his father’s theatre restaurant, Theatre Royale, in Mitcham in 1999. His total pay was just $100.
…In 1979, Mr Richardson split with Mr Moore’s mother, who was then 16, shortly after she had his baby, and there was little or no contact between them after that.
But in 1997 Mr Moore contacted Mr Richardson after seeing him in a television advertisement, and in 1999 he came to Melbourne and began working for him…

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  • shula says:

    It would seem that there is a God.

  • Helen says:

    Thanks Shula, I’m adding that to the title.

  • kate says:

    Today’s Age just made me grin over my coffee so much. The man shafted his Own Son! So it’s not like he can say he didn’t know how young he was…

  • Meself says:

    “As Mark Bahnisch on Larvyprod says, just gold.”

    An ironic observation given the Rodent seems to have lost his Midas touch.

    Dare I steal a campaign slogan and say, “the gilty party”? (Guess I just did for which I apologise … disingenuously.)

  • shula says:

    I think the weighing in of said actor’s SON, regarding the abuse of Work(forget)Choices, deserves another update, don’t you?

    How priceless was that?

  • Helen says:

    Oh, it just gets better and better.
    Your eminence, has the PM been around to your place yet to declare an election? I’m being bombarded with so much PR now I’m terrified to think what the information overload might be once a campaign starts in earnest.

  • Ann O'Dyne says:

    re comment above: the AEC sure is working overtime to sign us all up and they work in close conjunction with Australiapost ‘Mail Redirections’ too.

    re Post:
    1. I wonder whose head will roll for failure to thoroughly vet the ‘actors’ in the campaign?
    2. When employers sign up apprentices I believe they get a large (like $1800) payment from Centrelink or similar?
    So Mr.Liberal Dirtbag will have to pay that back,
    and hopefully 18 years retrospective Child Support to the girl he knocked up and abandoned,
    as well as reimbursing Centrelink for any support they must have given her in his absence. suffer in ya jocks ya creep. a typical Liberal-voter.

  • JahTeh says:

    I’m so glad this has happened. I thought I might be locked up for sitting in front of these ads yelling “Liars! Liars!”

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