12 Jul 2007, Comments Off on Beware Pointy Land mines

Beware Pointy Land mines

Author: Helen

These images (over the fold) came in an email headed “A funny story o’ resistance as Howard’s troops move into Central Australia.”

I guess if you know resistance is useless in the Howard Government’s Push to be Seen to Be Doing Something, there is always mockery left. HT to Ben Scambary. I am confident the photographs are in the public domain, but if not, drop me an email at hsmartatiprimusdotcomdotau.

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  • Bob Durnan says:

    Good wry sense of humour; but those concerned with “the military occupation” should be aware that several communities already visited by the Task Force have strongly welcomed the prospect of a police presence.

    (Those expressing keenness to see a permanent presence of fully empowered police include Titjikala, Imanpa, Mutitjulu, Finke, Wallace Rockhole, Areyonga, Ikuntji, Santa Teresa – previous to this, only three of these have even had the assistance of a solitary, relatively powerless police aide).

    When the Council President welcomed the Norforce troops at Ntaria, they were given a rousing welcome by the crowd, which was estimated by the CEO as around 150 people. The job of the Norforce guys is to provide logistical assistance to the health team, and help out with a bit of sport and rec with the youth.

    Hermannsburg and Papunya people also were keen for there to be a bigger police presence at their communities, as their existing police numbers (3 each) are seen by the locals as inadequate for the difficult task of providing 24 hour safety for those who don’t like grog, dope, disorder and violence.

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