14 Jun 2007, Comments Off on They don’t know much about art but they Know what they Like

They don’t know much about art but they Know what they Like

Author: Helen

Image from news.com.au

Some art world person on the news radio this morning, about the record price for Brett Whiteley’s painting The Olgas for Ernest Giles. (From memory): “There’s quite a lot of genitalia in there. That makes it highly desirable for any corporate foyer or boardroom.”

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  • phil says:

    I heard this on the radio as I was driving to work and of course thought “wtf?”
    But you’re right, it makes perfect sense once one thinks of the how the dynamics of corporate business are often portrayed – “big swinging dicks.”

    Let our foyer be a warning to all who enter here.

  • Tony.T says:

    The Blue Mountains.

  • Bwca says:

    It was purchased at $2.5m
    FROM Sally Browne of the frock-shop fame, and sold
    TO Morry of the Spotlight fabric chain for $3.8m

    deutscher-menzies made a million.

    and whiteley was a junkie.

    WE, are all in the wrong game.

  • Meself says:

    Dare one say that the art market is knackered.

    I came.

    I saw.

    I dared.

    (©Phil … sort of.)

    (But we didn’t bid. You can’t put a price on genitalia.)

  • cfsmtb says:

    Never cared much for Whiteleys work, even though I had to study his stuff while at Arty School over two decades ago. Much sooner prefer James Gleeson, but sure as fk wouldn’t have one in the room with me.

  • JahTeh says:

    Damn, I am getting old, I was looking at the pretty colours until I read your post.

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