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Gig guide

Author: Helen

From Tess McKenna.com

JUNE 02 & 09 2007 SATURDAY
Image from tessmckenna.com

All hail the Brunswick Green & all who frequent the favourite haunt of TESS MCKENNA & THE SHAPIROS.
Its a beautiful time of the year be scarved up for fine live music, a drink & some hot food.
See you there with beanies on.


no cover charge

It’s very New Brunswick.

Tasty samples at Tess’s MySpace page.

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  • Bwca says:

    I hope you got a good crowd, and I know they had a good time.
    I woulda bin there ony I hadda drive from Mt.Dandenong to Bacchus Marsh and back again *sigh*
    an I would be there NEXT Saturday 9th
    ony I must drive to Colac and back.

  • Oh, I MUST go to this, since it’s so new Brunswick.

  • Richie says:

    Tess is my aunt (really)! I haven’t seen her since I was a sullen anti-social 15 year old. I didn’t realise you played with her until now (which is blatantly obvious on retrospect, but I’m inattentive in general and haven’t gone through your archives yet).

    Hope the first show went well & good luck for the second (Also hope Tess has forgiven me for ignoring her at various late 20th century social functions).

  • Helen says:

    That’s a great looking blog Richie. Must go and make macaroni cheese – even the ageing rockers gotta do the mum thing – but cannot go past MRA mockery!!

  • Helen says:

    Oh great gawd almighty, those YouTube comments.

    do what you want but don’t but a feminist theme behind everything you try to do.. it’s just not attractive.

    I’m looking for a new tagline for my blog, I think I may have just found it. Only problem is, there’s so many other good ones on that thread.

    m nto sexcist but teaching young girls rock and roll is basiccly inaproprite, whatever life style they choose at a young age will influence theyre future life style, now we dont want our next generation of wifes to be hard core rockers now do we?

    (Shaking my head in sorrowful agreement)

  • Richie says:

    And MRA’s are self-saucing, too. You make fun of their stupid comments once, and then they start sending you stupid comments about what you wrote. It’s like a perpetual stupidity machine.

  • Helen says:

    I don’t have the energy for the stupid comments, because I’ve always felt this irrational imperative to educate them, which is a terrible time sucker and of course futile, but now we have Finally Feminism 101 so one can just direct them there.

  • Richie says:

    Yes, I really must remember to blogroll that!

  • Helen says:

    Thanks darlin’ – Yes it was a very good night and a good crowd, except where it wasn’t.

    Anyway, we kicked arse, except I failed to kick one arse that badly needed it. Next week will be great.

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