20 May 2007, Comments Off on Surely this guy is too stupid to live

Surely this guy is too stupid to live

Author: Helen

Dude! If you’re going to, like, totally trash your own reputation – outing yourself as a completely intelligence-free zone and committing yourself to future career death – surely you wanna go for more than a mere $2,000?

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  • The damage is done, self-inflicted, to the guy’s reputation regardless of any price he might have been able to extract for it. Just having the concept of VT as a game shows serious deficiencies in intellect and moral standards, making the effort to code it simply amplifies that impression of mental pygmyism, and the attempt to get some money just shows him to be a complete turd of an individual. For his sake, I hope he grows up and grows a brain and some common decency with it. Unlikely though!

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