10 Apr 2007, Comments Off on We will fight them on the keyboards; we will fight them on the couches; We will never surrender!

We will fight them on the keyboards; we will fight them on the couches; We will never surrender!

Author: Helen

It’s times like these I really want a magic wand.

A magic wand, so that when I read piffle like this from the likes of Malkin, Barnett, Derbyshire and “Rob”, and all the rest of the keyboard kommandos, mousepad marines, wikipedia warriors, cursor captains, paralinkers and swivel-chair generals”, I can magick them into the bodies of actual captives in a real-life hostage situation like this.

If I’m feeling nice, I’ll magick them a clean pair of trousers in a couple of days.
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  • L. says:

    Yeah, and then today, Kathleen Parker, another conservative columnist, used the opportunity to go off about women in combat, and about bad the West looked, sending the mother of a 3-year old off to be taken hostage.

  • Helen says:

    Yeah, I’ll magick her over there too.

  • The Guardian is always a good read.
    I do wish that Australia’s Defence forces would take similar action to the Iranians on all foreign vessels trespassing our ‘waters’.

    Is the Navy at fault here for distributing enlistment brochures emphasising their Dental Plan and how enlisting can earn you a Uni Degree?
    If cigarette packets have to have SMOKING KILLS in large font, perhaps ALL defence force recruiting material should have larger font saying

    You can end up dead.
    ‘Fighting’ is dangerous.

    The ‘two weeks compassionate leave’ gave me a laugh.
    You’d be mad to go back really.
    Visit my favourite horror site for the reasons why this oil fight is happening.
    Richard Olver is Our Enemy.
    he used to be in the oil bidness and now he makes bombs.
    bombs to get oil control.
    and big big government contracts.
    and his company BAE Systems has an office in Melbourne on the Yarra near Swan St.
    and he is a director of Reuters News Agency and can
    therefore censor bad news about himself.
    The Guardian just put his CEO Mike Turner on their list of Most Influential Britons

  • just checking my link … they don’t call them bombs though – ‘canisters’ sounds so much nicer. Like Rice Flour Sugar, except –

    “The VLS MK 41 missile canister provides a sealed storage, transportation and launch container for the wide range of system-compatible weapons. The VLS MK 41 canister envelope is common to system launcher module standards, while internal mechanical and electrical components are tailored to specific missile shapes and interface requirements.
    BAE Systems is the U.S. Navy’s exclusive design agent and worldwide supplier of VLS MK 41 launch canisters.

    About BAE Systems
    BAE Systems is a global defense and aerospace company, delivering a full range of products and services for air, land, and naval forces, as well as advanced electronics, information technology solutions, and customer support services. BAE Systems, with 88,000 employees worldwide, had 2006 sales that exceeded $25 billion.”

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