5 Mar 2007, Comments Off on Let’s hear it for Michael

Let’s hear it for Michael

Author: Helen

He’s a US army major with a plain face and a buzzcut up to there. He’s the epitome of someone I wouldn’t expect to like. But ever since, back in 2004, I saw him on TV saying “I will not abandon David Hicks”, I’ve loved Michael Mori.

It’s with complete disbelief that I’ve listened to him on news reports, vigorously criticising the US trial process and the system at Guantanamo… and Mori was an army guy, with a buzzcut up to there, and I couldn’t believe he was saying such stuff. And over the years I’ve asked myself the question, “how can Mori go to bat for David Hicks and stick it up the US military judicial system with such passion, and avoid persecution by the system itself?” because it seemed impossible that he could get away with it. Especially the other day, when I heard him on the ABC really tearing the US authorities a new one over the trumped up (his words), retrospective charge of “providing material support for terrorism”. Woohoo! You go, girl.

And then the other day I turned on my car radio, and of course, my question was answered.

At Gitmo, they’re making sure that no act of courage and integrity goes unpunished.

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  • Sylvia says:

    Helen, you probably saw the comparison of Mori with both Gomer Pyle and Atticus Finch. That rather hit the nail on the head.
    One thought I had was that we ordinary folk in Australia should use any means to tell Americans about this whole situation- send off posts to blogs, email friends etc.
    Whatever one thinks of Hicks he deserves a fair trial. Mori seems a ‘heck of a guy’. Ruddock is, well, indescribable complete with his Amnesty badge, our PM is now ‘very angry’.This is one heck of a story- Americans might find it a change from crocodile hunters etc.

  • Helen says:

    Thanks Sylvia, I missed that one.
    Found a reference here.

  • Bernice says:

    Mori’s courage and Terry Hick’s extraordinary support for this son only make the cowardly spineless vilification that flows from the mouths of any government member who bothers to comment upon the Hicks detention all the more appalling and craven.

  • GoTA says:

    Oh yes. David Marr’s observation was peerless.

    And yes, I want to have Major Mori’s babies too!

    I’m just surprised the US didn’t try to take him off the case earlier. Guess they underestimated the Power of One.

  • Helen says:



    And yes, I want to have Major Mori’s babies too!

    Yeah, two is enough for me, otherwise…

  • bernice says:

    umm … errr…did i say something wrong?

  • Helen says:

    Bernice, that means “Absolutely, positively old chap”.
    Or “you just nailed it’.

  • sooz says:

    Oh yeah – Mori Mori Mori, oi oi oi. He’s my hero. It is so hard to understand the way the world works sometimes and then comes a guy who just makes sense without having any kind of agenda. I really hope he migrates to Australia when he can no longer avoid presecution at home. We need more like him.

  • Foo Barz says:

    “I really hope he migrates to Australia when he can no longer avoid presecution at home. We need more like him.”

    Well, as an American I have to say I completely sympathize with your view but I certainly hope he *doesn’t* migrate. We need him more!

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