25 Feb 2007, Comments Off on Tess McKenna at the Brunswick Green

Tess McKenna at the Brunswick Green

Author: Helen

Image from www.tessmckenna.com

I’m playing with Tess again in March.

Where: The Brunswick Green again (Sydney Road, Brunswick).
When: Every Saturday in March at 4:47 sharp (yeah, right)

Go here for information, clips and downloads.

Light blogging and hiatus definitely possible here till April.

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  • kate says:

    Good gig! Had hands full of baby, sat up the back, bit distracted by niece and nephew, but a good gig nonetheless.

  • Helen says:

    yer jokin’ me! I always look out for who’s there but i didn’t see you . I mean, I would have seen you and the bub. Give us a head up next time!

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