22 Feb 2007, Comments Off on The dreadful results of excessive reliance on homeschooling

The dreadful results of excessive reliance on homeschooling

Author: Helen

Andrew Schlafly (Yes, son of that Schlafly) and some like-minded geniuses, enraged by the pomo relativism, poor spelling and liberal bias of the leftist Wikipedia, have started their own superior and truer version – Conservapedia.

Screenshot from Conservapedia

It’s not doing very well.

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  • tigtog says:

    Curse you and your agile blogging fingers, Ms Balcony: you beat me to it!


  • Helen says:

    Tigtog, it should be subject to “distributed mockery” as someone on Crooked Timber put it I think. So go to it.

  • tigtog says:

    Might do. I agree with Pharyngula that there’s obviously a lot of people joining in to write/edit entries with the intention of mockery. I wonder if the “conversation” in the entry title above was a genuine typo or a rogue editor.

  • Helen says:

    I may be wrong, but I think the distributed mockery began later than 6 January, which is when that was upated. That’s a good point, I’ll have a look and see if there’s any more information on that.

    the posts by “Mrs Tilton” are a hoot – that isn’t you, is it Tigtog?

  • Bernice says:

    Oh thank you thank you thank you. I foresee hours and hours of fun writing God Fearing Righteous entries.

  • GoTA says:

    But will they have an entry on the gipper?

  • Helen says:

    GoTA, there’s no result for Gipper, but “Ronald Reagan” brings up such gems as

    Reagan was strongly opposed to the concept of Big government, advocating a reduction in the size and budget of the federal government, although during his terms in office the government size and budget both increased rather than decreasing due to tax-and-spend Democrats


    He also introduced the idea of “Reaganomics” in which the rich would spend money which would trickle down to the poor.

  • TimT says:

    According to the conservapedia, babies prevent cancer!

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