26 Jan 2007, Comments Off on Please come back

Please come back

Author: Helen

When I saw a glimpse of you the other day, just passing through, I don’t know which I felt the most– joy, guilt or sadness. I’ll just say it: I didn’t appreciate you as I should have. Neither did most of the people around me.

Everyone in this town just treated you as a nuisance and rejoiced when you weren’t around. You were just a bore, a downer, a pooper of parties. If you weren’t there for a day or more, well, we all rejoiced.

I said rude things about you all the time. When I went on a bike ride, for instance, and you showed up, I wouldn’t hide my irritation. OK, you did interfere sometimes, for instance when I was trying to get housework done. But I should have known I couldn’t do without you. We couldn’t do without you.

When I think of how we used to complain and moan about you, make disparaging comments when you appeared, and the childish rhymes we used to sing to you in the playground in the hope you’d go away, I cringe. I really do. And I wish I’d known what it would really be like without you. Because now that you’re rarely seen, I miss you. We all do.

Well, there are a few people that still grimace when you make one of your fleeting appearances. They’re either especially stupid, or unusually resolute in not facing up to reality. I thought I did appreciate the many things you do, but I guess in the end I really had to be shown, because I really do know how important to us you are. Now that you’re not here, we’re beginning to understand how we took you for granted.

I miss the sight, the touch, the smell of you.

Please come back.

Rain, rain,
Go away
Come again
Another day.

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  • Jennifer says:

    Well put. I was thinking exactly this two days ago, when we had a brief shower, but not as eloquently as you have put it.

  • TimT says:

    You’ll never find me complaining about rain. I love the stuff! Always have. It’s my life of cold, wet, frost, ice, snow, biting winds, blizzards, and similar that have motivated my upcoming trip to the other side of the world!

    God, it would be nice to have a cold shower now, though.

  • TimT says:

    Er. NOT

    “It’s my life of cold, wet, frost etc… ”


    “It’s my LOVE of cold, wet, frost etc…”

  • Helen says:

    Thanks Jennifer, and Tim, go on, indulge yourself for once. Have that cold shower, you sybaritic devil!

    (But not more than four minutes. Get the egg timer out.)

  • Iain Hall says:

    Nice piece of prose 8)

  • Guido says:

    I am with Tim T. I love rain. Always did.

    I creates a soft world that somehow makes you think better. Rainy days lift my mood no end. I wake up in the morning and if I hear rain on the roof I rejoice “great! a rainy day”. The noise of car tyres on the wet ashphalt, the drops of water on puddles, the drops on the window of the bus window…

    I wonder whether this is because I happened to migrate in a continent that was dry to start with (even before climate change and El Nino).

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