23 Dec 2006, Comments Off on Ghost of Christmas post

Ghost of Christmas post

Author: Helen

image from http://www.capnwacky.com/holiday/cards7.html

Buon Natale! Look at us! We are so much happier than you! We are so much prettier than you! Our passion is so strong that everything is red, yes?
He is going to unwrap something now, I think. But it isn’t a present, no?

Merry Christmas to all, please don’t get killed on the road. Please do eat too much of the wrong things and get pleasantly shitfaced somewhere where you don’t have to drive afterwards. Don’t drown or get eaten by sharks. Use sunscreen. I think I’ve pretty much covered everything… Take a hanky… Beware of strangers…

See you in 2007.

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  • shula says:

    A HANKY! That’s what a I was trying to remember.

    Merry Christmas, Helen.

  • Helen says:

    A perfume-drenched lace hanky, like that lay-day in the picture is sure to have.

    I’m really off now, so if any spambots appear here, just knock’em on the head for me, won’t you.

  • boynton says:

    Nice link. Merry Christmas, Helen.

  • Cristy says:

    Thanks Mum. Merry Christmas – I hope that you have a lovely day.

  • you can sneer but I was given a nice bunch of high qual hankies for xmas by my sister. only after i had gone ballistic about the (sounded out) getting of a goat in an african village from her.

    all the best for the coming year. i’ve still to get to a gig to hear you skiffle tha skins.

    A drummer is a person who belongs in a band, and along with the bassist, tends to be unappreciated. As the prime majority of the “band curse” the drummer is ususally the first member of a band to leave or be kicked out. Usually responsible for keeping beat and band in line. Without a drummer, the band is lost.

  • TimT says:

    Merry Christmas, and a happy new blear!

  • Armagnac Esq says:

    Merry christmas blast iron cacophony!!!

  • Helen says:

    Belated Merry Christmas to all of you!

  • Helen says:

    Hee hee, Blast Iron Cacophony.

  • brownie says:

    Dear LedgeWoman – wishing you all the good things and only good things for all of the coming New Year.

    and that guy looks like a vampire fer chrissakes.

    hope I see you soon in Strathmore?

  • Helen says:

    Be there with bells on Bacchus woman.
    Armaniac, you must nearly be a dad now?…
    So exciting…
    TimT, it was a bleary one, I hope yours was equally bleary.
    happy new year FXH, Cristy (another parent to be) and Boynton. Shula, hope you had a bleary and not a dreary Xmas.
    FX, I had to buy real hankies for Girlchild for Alpine school as they don’t allow tissues. Do you know Millenials think reusable hankies are the grossest idea like EVAH? (Wait till they find out about reusable nappies, eh? they won’t believe it)

  • kate says:

    Send them round here, I’ll show them how gross babies are. It’s amazing how leaky they can be (and I am) on both kinds of nappy/me/the Bloke/the couch/our bed.

  • Helen says:

    Remember when you were young and that kind of thing was just unconscionable??

    And then it happens and you just deal with it…
    Hope all the leaks are healthy and the heat isn’t getting you / bub down!

  • Pavlov's Cat says:

    ‘Hee hee, Blast Iron Cacophony.’

    It was good, wasn’t it.

  • kate says:

    all’s well. teaching dan about environmental double standards. we shouldn’t use lots of energy on air conditioning in badly designed buildings, but lets go to Nanna’s house and sit under her air conditioner! (also, let’s sit in cool baths! I promise the bloke bails bath water out onto the tomatos)

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