19 Dec 2006, Comments Off on Brekky Blogfast, I mean, Bloggy Breakfast

Brekky Blogfast, I mean, Bloggy Breakfast

Author: Helen

Paul Barry, who unfortunately sounds a lot like those received-pronounciation types from ’60s newsreels, is doing Fran Kelly’s usual spot on RN Breakfast. He’s introduced an interesting new segment called Breakkie Blogspot, with Antony Loewenstein first cab off the rank.

There’ll be a different blogger each week. It seems you have to read your post, so count me out, but if you’re intrigued maybe you should send him an email.

Also, TIME magazine says bloggers and Wikipedians are their people of the year, according to Paul of Two Peas, No Pod. LOL WTF! W00t! Yay us.

More power to the Ozblogosphere!

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  • Zoe says:

    Antony Loewenstein I will cop as a blogger. Yet he, like EVERY OTHER SO CALLED BLOGGER on this week is actually an MSM journalist. Stephen Mayne, anyone?

  • Helen says:

    I’ll email him and recommend some real bloggy goodness.

  • brownie says:

    I suspect he will only air the bloggers that real bloggers loathe, and also that even being aired is the Kiss Of Death.

    Will the reading of the blogpost not be edited/censored? That will eliminate all the interesting reads.

    not that I mind Paul Barry – I used to really enjoy his old TV program which had desk editorial, and visuals running together as well as another story in text along the screen base – heaven for those of us with the attention span of a canary.

  • Helen says:

    i’ve just done an audit Brownie, and there is not one actual blogger among the lot of ’em. Kate Crawford has a website, but no blog. The others are just think tankers, journalists and a Chaser person, not that I’ve anything against them, but bloggers there are none. They just give people a one minute spot, hence ‘blog’, you know, short, simplistic, etc etc. That’s the idea. Very very disappointing.

    I emailed pB with a few links – Sterne, Barista, you know the usual suspects – he said he’d get his mates to give them a whirl! But for now, no actual bloggers.

    Just occurred to me they should get Nabakov on – the bloggiest non-blogger around!

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