5 Nov 2006, Comments Off on Festival of Condemnation (and Audrey)

Festival of Condemnation (and Audrey)

Author: Helen

image from http://www.carriespritzer.com/audreyhepburn/hepburn.html

I condemn children who take forbidden food to the computer, forcing their parents to use a second keyboard just for the space bar (and only one of the four shift keys works)1111


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  • Suse says:

    Thank you, I enjoyed that. Despite the fact that someone condemned her eyebrows.

  • kate2 says:

    apparently it’s too late for me to change my mind about having a kid, so I will instead save up for a security system to keep them away from the computers…

    sorry I missed the gig on Saturday. I flaked out. Hope it went well.

  • shula says:

    I hate people who ask to use your computer and then download Real Player to view something, using your email address, thereby almost immobilising your system with spam and pernicious software.

    Crucifixion’s too good for them.

  • Helen says:

    i condemn those people.

    (Space bar now working, but not l h shift key.)

    Why on earth hasn’t someone come up with a keyboard with a lockable cover? Simple. Cheap.

  • Helen says:

    kate2, gig went beautiful.
    Could hardly go any differently with Tess and Karen singing.
    Will publish other dates soon.

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