22 Oct 2006, Comments Off on Pats for Zeke

Pats for Zeke

Author: Helen

For anyone who doesn’t read Creek Running North, Chris has a very, very old dog called Zeke. He hasn’t got long to go, and Chris is spending the next year or so making sure the last months are happy ones.
Image from CRN old site http://www.faultline.org/place/pinolecreek/archives/002943.html

Today I clicked on CRN and got this:

System Offline

After family discussion regarding a commenter’s threat of violence against our dog, Creek Running North has been taken offline.

I am incandescent. Whoever you are, your awfulness is beyond all description.

I hope you come back as a dog. A stray dog. In Calcutta.

Update 26/10: Hooray! They’re baaaaaack..

Here in this place of dried pigs’ ears
I have attended and obeyed,
And those who menace with vague fears,
If you ask me, can go get spayed.

It matters not how vile their hate,
How lame-anonymous their troll,
I am the master of my plate:
I am the captain of my bowl.

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