17 Oct 2006, Comments Off on Possible light blogging ahead

Possible light blogging ahead

Author: Helen

I’ve been asked to do some shows in November with this most excellent and under-publicised singer/songwriter. She has a voice like an angel and her wit is the very devil. Just the medicine for your Idol malaise.

Image from www.tessmckenna.com

This might mean I actually have to do some


(vinegary moue)


So, blogging might be patchy in the next couple of months.

If you haven’t heard her before, I recommend this.

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  • Laura says:

    Dorian used to share a house with Tess’s brother Luke, this was about ten years ago, and we all used to go hear her perform. She’s excellent.

  • Helen says:

    Whoa. That six degrees of separation thing again!

  • Armagnac Esq says:

    WHat do you play?!
    I didn’t know you played something!
    Do you play guitar?!!
    Where are you playing?!
    I shall bring wifey and watch if possible, especially if somewhere salubrious like wesley anne…

  • kate says:

    oooh nice. I am indecently excited about the prospect of an Afternoon Gig.

  • Helen says:

    Thanks Kate, Armanac, Laura.
    I used to be a drummer – my best known band was the Rococopops (which actually made enough money for me to leave my day job, one of my worser career moves) but if you have an encyclopaedic knowledge of 1980s indie pop, Buick KBT may ring a bell. Or Tess McKenna for that matter (The Right Furniture). Or even Toxic Shock, if you’re very, very old.

    I’ve been meaning to blog it all someday, but you know, if you remember the eighties you weren’t there. No, I didn’t have big hair, most of the time.

    The first link in the post has the venue – The Brunswick Green Hotel, 313-315 Sydney Road, Brunswick (a mere stone’s throw from you, Armaniac) Saturday arvos, November, 4 pm to 7 pm. So this ageing rocker can be tucked up with her horlicks quite early.

  • kate says:

    I was in primary school for most of the 80s, and it was the afternoon-ness of the gigs that made me pay attention. So you don’t need to feel too aged.

    Now, I propose that bloggers the mature side of 25 interrupt their usual routine of househunting and baby equipment purchasing to meet at the Brunswick Green on the first Saturday in November. (We can drink light beer and remember when we used to go to things at 4AM)

  • TimT says:

    Well, if you insist, Kate, or even if you don’t insist …

  • kate says:

    I could insist if necessary.

    I will be the heavily pregnant woman, looking tired, drinking soda water.

  • Helen says:


  • TimT says:

    Have some spritz with your spratz!

  • shula says:

    Give Tess & Karen my love.

    We’re family (of sorts). I haven’t seen her in a while.

    Her album sounds great.

  • Helen says:

    Tim, no thinkin’ ageing rocker would touch that alcholic lolly water with a barge pole, no offence mate…

  • kate says:

    Yeah Tim, I’m pregnant, not completely deranged. No Lolly Water Maddness at Sprogblog! I break my vow of abstinence for quality champagne, or at least a half decent light beer. (Which is stuff I would never dare fess up to on an American blog, I also drink coffee, and have occasionally eaten salami and soft cheese, and dips – I’m a Bad Mother and the kid’s not even born yet. We also live two doors up from a derelict building full of asbestos.)

  • TimT says:

    I take it that Spritz ain’t the Ritz of tipples.

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