17 Oct 2006, Comments Off on Oh, look, I’ve got a new blog.

Oh, look, I’ve got a new blog.

Author: Helen

Oh, no, I haven’t.

This fecking spambot company takes bits out of your blog and posts it on a new botblog whose only reason for existence appears to be spam.

” Cartoon vet” (expertgardenadvice.com/blogs/cartoon-vet/282/)
steals this post. (No Link for You, Mr Spambot! although I’m sure, like the lowlife who has attached himself like a leech to Amptoons, Mr Spambot benefits from the Cast Iron link in some way.) If you go back to expertgardenadvice.com, it’s even weirder.

“Hills Hoist” (hills-hoist.jttips.com/3792/) steals this post, as well as someone else’s fascinating technical treatise on the tensile properties, load restrictions and other properties of Hills Hoists.

I can’t even work out what the hell these pseudoblogs are trying to do. I can’t find any pr0n links or anything.

Oh the joy. No point in complaining because, unfortunately, you can’t argue with a spambot.

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  • kate says:

    one of our number found poorlycontrolled in French a while back. none of us speak French so we don’t know what they were doing with our words…

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