13 Oct 2006, Comments Off on Friday Dog Blogging

Friday Dog Blogging

Author: Helen

Maggie, our buff little natural athlete, is intermittently lame.

The Vet says it’s something called the Sesamoid ligament, which is down in the foot. The soreness is a kind of repetitive strain, rather than arthritic stiffness or anything degenerative, and it’s caused by being a silly hyperactive dog who can’t keep still. Yeah, that would be right. You should see her on the wooden floor of our house – she has never learned that her feet won’t grip at speed, and she does the Cartoon Dog thing with her legs pedalling madly and getting nowhere.

I took her to the vet twice, because I made the mistake of Looking Things Up on the Internet and got very upset because she had something more sinister For Sure and For Certain. The vet laughed, and sort of… folded Maggie up like a piece of origami (her face said, “Help meeeeee…”) “Look how flexible she is,” the vet said, “she’s got sensational elbows. There’s no arthritis or joint problems in this dog.”

Or osteosarcoma, or the other dreadful things I’d been looking up.

The only cure for this is for the dog to get older and more sensible. Any suggestions? I’d love to see her arc through the air for a ball again, but she’s still limping for part of every day, so it looks as though tennis balls are off the agenda for quite some time. She has some delicious anti-inflammatory crunchy tablets and Glucosamine twiggy sticks ($40 for a small bag)! so she doesn’t exactly have an incentive to stop limping.

I must blog about our vet sometime. The story of how she came to be a vet – or, as it’s compulsory to say these days, her “journey” – is a good story. For now, a piece of gossipy trivia: Jason Akermanis has bought the house next to hers from its present owner, my son’s school principal. Apparently he gave her an offer she couldn’t refuse.

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