11 Oct 2006, Comments Off on From this…

From this…

Author: Helen

Image pinched from FXH

…To this…

FX Holden’s version may be a teeny bit exaggerated.

It was a fun night, but.

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  • Laura says:

    It was fun. Great to meet you Helen. And I’m glad you got the space bar going again.

  • I only wish I could remember more of it! I hope I behaved myself…

  • Pavlov's Cat says:

    So, who’s who then? My guess is that the Byronic bloke in blue is Nabs and the slender damsel in the red and white striped haute couture is Laura, but I’m not too sure about anybody else.

  • Helen says:

    You too, Laura. (We have swapped to an old keyboard – SO is not happy.)
    It was good to meet one of the Queensland bloggers – Adelaide bloggers come on down.
    Nabs is the debauched libertine behind the action, puffing on an opium pipe, so is not in th picture.

  • brownie says:

    Thanks for the link Balcony Girl. I enjoyed the FX Version but I cannot believe Lucy T would use her handbag for violence.
    I am so sorry to have missed it – at the time I was in transit between Colac housesitting and Back O Bacchus Marsh.
    Love and Peace to all.

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