5 Oct 2006, Comments Off on Ad Nauseam: Mentos

Ad Nauseam: Mentos

Author: Helen

Ads which actually put you off buying the product

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For a while now, I’ve had a fond ambition to start a series of posts which would be titled “Product Boycott of the Week”. Which would be about ads which, far from making you want to buy the product, would make you flee in the opposite direction. Or, sometimes, barf.

In this literal minded age, though, I’m too nervous that it might lead to someone wanting to Sue my Ass. So, Ad Nauseam.

The Toohey’s Travelling Tongue has been the reigning ad in the “that’s so disgusting I can’t even watch it” category for years now. But it may have been toppled from its throne, at last, by the truly retchworthy Mentos ad where a guy’s nipples grow to astounding lengths – they look a bit like snail’s horns – and then he goes about using them to work turntables and so on, as you do.

Can’t find a link to it but it seems to be a ripoff of this Frisk commercial. Look at the way the women are looking at him with such approval, instead of the appropriate “you freak! Get those things away from me!”

Not only does this not make me more likely to buy Mentos mints in the slightest, but JahTeh, a regular customer, is so traumatised she’s going to stop buying them.

Ad people are so clever.

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  • Daniel says:

    My geographical location means that I can’t get commercial television (though I do have satellite coverage). I’ve never seen the Mentos add (though the above pic suggests I wouldn’t want to).

    Living in the country does have certain advantages. I’m sure not buying Mentos is another. Cheers!

  • zoot says:

    Ah yes, those clever ad people. I work for a company that ran a promotion tied in with the first Men In Black movie. You know the sort of thing – buy our product and receive (absolutely free!) tickets to the movie and a pack of M.I.B merchandise.
    The sales figures during the promotion were worse than they had been before it started. The power of advertising.

  • Daniel says:

    The smoking industry used advertising very effectively, Zoot. Obviously it works!

  • JahTeh says:

    I watched this ad again last night just in case I was being a bit precious but it was just as revolting. On the other hand, the new ad for beer which takes off the film ‘Flashdance’ is quite funny although I wouldn’ buy the beer either.

  • tigtog says:

    Eeewwww. I can see how it’s meant to be playful, but yuk.

  • Ron says:

    … barfing …

    I wish I hadn’t watched that Frisk ad just before lunch!

  • wbb says:

    I havent seen that Rampaging Tongue ad for a while. They must have pulled it. Surely it lost ’em sales.

  • kate says:

    the dancing tounge can’t have lost them sales, when they got to the end of the original contract period they renewed it (an acquaintance was an extra in it – she was very excited to be paid again)

  • Suse says:

    Blech, now I remember why I barely watch any tv. I have not seen this and nor do I want to! That wandering tongue ad had me glued to the screen in horrified fascination, but I made a point to never buy the beer.

    PS. I used to be a copywriter in an ad agency. Please forgive me.

  • Luke says:

    I think the boycott of the week would be a terrific idea if you decide to do it.

    if so, i’d like to nominate the HUMMER H1-3 with their ridiculous “i don’t listen to the critics or the rules so screw the environment” commercials 😉

  • Helen says:

    That looks like a most unwieldy vehicle.
    Yes, I have something in the pipeline for our Australian 4WDs, as we call them, which (in the ads) are always portrayed barrelling through some fragile and pristine piece of nature, preferably sand dunes or river beds.

  • lisa says:

    that mentos ad is not only degradin got women, but to our society

    its is a filthy and disgusting add i felt nauseatinf to watch. a horrifying ad i cant believe was allowed to air. what should i say to the little kids watching it

  • Helen says:

    “When you grow up, you’ll never produce rubbish like that, will you darling? You’re far too intelligent.”

    Judging by the “ewwwwwwws” and “grosses”, the little ones seem pretty immune to this ad as well. Alienating every potential market.

  • lisa says:

    amazing really??? marketer want us to remember their ad, although this ad is very unappealing it definitely got people and i’ll remember it for a long time.

    not sure whether it will make me buy the product but i’ll definitely remember it

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