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Author: Helen

Bracks is the name of our Premier here at the bottom of Australia. And a lot of us are very, very pissed off with him. At least, the ones who might in the past have been assumed to vote Labor. A lot of the Liberal voters probably love him because it seems he’s never seen a conservative policy he doesn’t like. Why he doesn’t just go over to the other side is beyond me. The other day, listening to a friend (ex-rusted-on Labor voter like me) nearly lose it over Bracksy and his failings on schools / trains / everything, I sensed that perhaps we had come to a tipping point. There’s a State election on in November.

Sure enough, I saw bracksed.com reported in the AGE, so I went and had a look thinking it might be interesting.

Melbourne people will get the reference to Jeffed.com, Stephen Mayne’s popular website which (although not single handedly) helped to bring down the former Kennett government. That’s no accident – it’s a new Stephen Mayne venture.

There’s a stink of failure about this one. And of other things.


For one thing, the first five links, from the top of the page, appear to be about or by that headcase Andrew Landeryou. Five links! Andrew Landeryou!! How incredibly sad. (“Delia Delegate”, according to Mayne, and Andy Landy are one and the same. What a jolly jape, eh!)

A quick google reveals that Mayne and Landeryou are now at each other’s throats. Why is someone who Steve Mayne presumably detests featured so heavily on the bracksed.com homepage? And we should care because….? I’m interested in their response to Labor and our disastrous public schools, egregious public transport system, halfassed environmental policies and things like that. Not overgrown boys and their backroom rivalries. While you publish this shite, and we have the driest September on record, the State government is logging out catchment areas. Grow up the pair of ya.

But then, I make a mistake assuming bracksed.com is to the left of the Bracks government. While Jeffed.com wasn’t political party specific (someone correct me if I’m getting hazy on my history here.) Bracksed.com’s home page states: “Bracksed.com is published by Stephen Mayne, one of the co-founders of People Power, a political start-up run entirely by volunteers which is contesting all upper house regions and most lower house seats in the 2006 Victorian election…”

Bah. I am incredibly suspicious of People Power. Vern Hughes, the PP candidate for my area (and co-founder and policy writer for the party), is one of those fun guys from the IPA. PPPs, vouchers, “choice”… More of the same neoliberal guff, that is.

A cursory glance at PP’s policies and mission statement confirms my suspicion that it’s a bunch of populist nutbags, which will probably evolve into Urban One Nation Lite. Steven Mayne and Jeffed.com may have delivered us from under the Boot of Jeff, but he’s no help this time around.

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  • Mikhela says:

    c’mon…if we Qld rednecks can manage to vote in a labor govt, you latte-sipping victorians must be able to manage a decent chunk of each House going to the Greens, surely…

  • Helen says:

    I’m no psephologist, but if Greens preferences go to Labor then a lot of people will vote Liberal, I think. Scary thought.

  • shula says:

    I’m having a shitload of difficulty telling the difference. One party closes the schools, the other just lets them rot into the ground.

  • Sedgwick says:

    I obviously have a very robust telly set. (Probably a product of one of those wonderfuly ugly 1950s Russian factories.)

    As a matter of course I throw the first thing at hand (characteristically the #grand daughter – which unapologetically serves an education in the politics of “can you believe what he just said” never coming too soon for the young and the as yet uninformed) when the Rodent appears on the 12 inch BW AWA Kreisler P76.

    Sadly the bloody buggery Logie-Baird instrument invariably lives to see another day.

    Then the Brackydactylus appears … and even more pointless chucking stuff at the telly. More throwing (with even more venom) ensues.

    At least Ted Bail-in-Lieu of Policies isn’t shitting on or conning his constituency.

    The word “dudded” is one that cannot be exchanged to often between the once “true believers’ these days.

    (Lights blue touch paper and retires.)

  • Sedgwick says:

    … soiree … did I say “to”, I really meant too say “too”.

    After Bracksy my biggest hate is a sticky keyboard.

    (OK, it’s a close run thing.)

  • Helen says:

    To me, “the Good Old Days” = when “AWA” just meant a shitty old brand of audiovisual equipment.

  • kate says:

    Did you gag too the other night? Within seconds of Brumby announcing a larger than expected surplus the meedya and the Liberals were demanding cuts to Stamp Duty. Not, you know, building repairs to those schools they were so concerned about last week. It really bugs me that ‘we’ve got more money than we thought we’d have in a once off sort of fashion’ wasn’t accompanied by ‘so we’re gonna spend it on improving the schools’

    On the other hand, what shits me about Bailleu is that he makes pronouncements about progressive social issues, citing his personal opinion (legalising abortion) knowing full well that the coalition wont fall into line when push comes to shove. He hasn’t, because he can’t, make any committment on changing those laws. Bracksy says ‘we don’t have a policy on that’ (ie. we can’t agree so we’d rather not talk about it thanks very much), which I sort of prefer.

  • Armagnac Esq says:

    “After Bracksy my biggest hate is a sticky keyboard”


  • Helen says:

    You do have a point Kate. Here in the City of Nongs, we’re in a safe seat, so a “punishing” vote for the Libruls would be possible. I’d feel dirty but.

    Armagnac, get ready for sticky keyboards for the next 18 years minimum.

  • Helen says:

    Just checked – the front page links on bracksed.com haven’t changed since I put up that screen dump, except for the “email editions” link (slightly).
    (Knocking) – Anybody home!?

  • kate says:

    Today’s Age reminded me (I really had forgotten completely) that the Legislative Assembly is changing this election. So there’s a much better chance of getting independents and Greens into the Upper House than ever before.

    There’s also a much bigger chance of getting People Power and Family First drongos up, so make sure you know how preferences are allocated if you are voting above the line. Both major parties are likely to do whatever it takes to keep the Greens out of power, and it might very well create a repeat of the Federal election Steve Fielding (unrepresentative swill) debacle.

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