20 Sep 2006, Comments Off on What really depresses me about this Wa-Wa thing

What really depresses me about this Wa-Wa thing

Author: Helen

It’s not that the cannibal story was a complete heap of shit. That’s just what we have all come to expect from Today Tonight , A Current Affair and other tabloids. And the whole “Naomi Robson Arrested on suspicion of Journalism” idea was pretty funny.

No, it’s that when I first saw the headline about Robson and her crew being arrested, just for a split second, I thought they might be redeeming their miserable gutter-journalism arses and reporting on the conditions in West Papua, digging some legitimate dirt on the TNI and mining companies for a change. What could have brought on such a moment of loony optimism?

Do you see the irony in the Indonesians’ reaction? If the ACA program had gone ahead, it would have helped them no end. Uncivilised savages, no wonder they need the exploitation guiding hand of the kindly Indonesian government and military forces, and so on.

They should have welcomed the ACA traveling circus with open arms, the eejits.

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A real cannibal

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