19 Sep 2006, Comments Off on Ahoy, avast, ye swabs!

Ahoy, avast, ye swabs!

Author: Helen

Aaargh! Oi have just been reminded that today is Talk like a Pirate day!

Oi am not going to post an update on the Vivisector, ye scurvy dogs, cos it would be bloody difficult to do it it Poirate speak, ah-haargh. Me hearties.

Instead, oi’ll do what Cap’n Tigtog tole me ‘n post a link to my favourite poirate adventurerrrrs!!
This is the picture on Wikipedia showing the FW tied up at Melbourne Docklands last month.

Farrley Mowat be tied up in Melbourne dock for quoite a whoile, me lads, and me and the little swabsboyos got taken for a tourrr around it, aargh! It’s all black and it does fly the Jolly Roger, mateys, it’s a way cool poirate ship. Boys be planning to run away to sea, now.

They reallly do scuttle those scurvy dogs of Japanese whaling ships, me hearties, but they be careful to do it when noone is on board, aargh. Cos they’re noice poirates. Aaargh.

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