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Skull Hammer

Author: Helen

Image from http://www.brightspace.com.au/exhibitions/2006/trevorhoppen/trevorart.htm

is the name of the painting in the image here.

The one below is Flake and Chips.

Image fr0m http://www.brightspace.com.au/exhibitions/2006/trevorhoppen/trevorart.htm

They are the work of Trevor Hoppen. If you live in Melbourne, you can go here:

BRIGHTSPACE is excited to present works on canvas & paper
 by Trevor Hoppen,
Chess Air Fish Hammer
Opening Saturday 26th August (3 – 6pm)
also special preview Tuesday 22 Aug (5 – 7 pm)
 exhibition: 23 Aug – 10 September 2006

Or click here to see more. Shameless plug? Guilty as charged. But you would enjoy it.

If you’ve been to the St Kilda Adventure Playground, you have seen Trevor’s work already. He’s responsible for much of the artwork and carpentry there.

Speaking of art and woodwork, I took two little boys to the Da Vinci Machines exhibition today. The exhibition was fantastic – someone with enormous woodworking chops has recreated the machines in Leonardo’s drawings. The kids were impressed. This guy designed working ball bearings, cams, bicycles. The sponsor display (engines and transmissions) was OK too- at least it was relevant to what was on show.

When we got to the end and entered the merchandising area, though, my eyes were rolling as fast as Leonardo was presumably rolling in his grave.

…Da Vinci Genius T shirts, caps, and wait for it: Da Vinci Stubbie holders!!

But that wasn’t the worst.

Not only were there copies of The Da Vinci Code on sale, but there were various kinds of Da Vinci Code spinoff merchandise all mixed up with the books on Leonardo and his work– as if there were some kind of connection, or equivalence, between the two… as if the Da Vinci rubbish was now reality, on a par with the rest of the exhibition.


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