9 Aug 2006, Comments Off on Horses, otters and other animals

Horses, otters and other animals

Author: Helen

Lots of us do Friday cat or dog blogging, but I don’t often come across horse blogging. That’s a shame, because horses are beautiful, exciting, highly individual, and of course take a great photo.

I Gallop On is a wondrous blog, despite having more annoying ads than any blog I’ve ever read. No matter; The writing and the photographs are more than worth it, and I don’t think I’ll be sucked into buying a Sponge Rack With Running Horse cutout, or Dale Chavez Sterling 16″ Show Saddle – Personally Signed, or start “studying” (?!)for a Saddle Bronc riding diploma (Ow!) any time soon. If your interest is more literary than horsey, check out this story.

via I Gallop On, I found this hilarious post at Of Horses and Art.

Closer to home, Carolinkus blogs about her horse Luke. You are my sunshine : Oh, beautiful.

Q. Why is my blogroll so rarely updated? A. Because I’m a lazy cuss. Two bloggers who have come back from a long hiatus- hooray! I’ll re-blogroll them soon: Kip of Long Story, Short Pier and Rivka of Respectful of Otters.

Check out Heck of a Guy – a heck of a storyteller. Look in his sidebar for his late wife’s short stories published as PDFs – great stuff to print out for public transport reading and to avoid the dreaded MX Mag (a terrible rag circulated for free in the bowels of the Melbourne underground loop).

A wonderful stoush over at Jessculture and Sterne (thanks Tim) has temporarily settled my “Public education should be supported, but are we short changing our kids?” debate– Private loses hands down as their darling students don’t appear to know squat about our PM and even which party he belongs to, although they’re prepared to hug him anyway. If you prefer a more refeened, dead-tree experience, try the Patrick White book group, brainchild of Laura of Sill’s Bend via Sarsaparilla.

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