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Shameful secret

Author: Helen

Back in 1980, when I was learning drums, I lived in a share house where one of the inhabitants owned the Boston debut album. (Could these people look any more like Spinal Tap?) Despite hating and despising Hair bands, I recognised that More than a Feeling was a grouse song to learn a back beat to. So I’d play it at full volume – and play along.

Only now, with the help of the courageous folks at LP, can I come out and … share.

Poor neighbours.

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  • phil says:

    It’s pointless posting there, let me just say here that I have given up apologising for my tastes, I like wot I like. Songs from most of the bands that are mentioned on that list between 1965 and about 1990, I have (somewhere). And I wish I could play the lead to More than a Feeling properly, I would be so cool (to me). You’re brave to learn drums (if only because of all the jokes) but I’m sure it comes in handy.

  • DrHGuy says:

    If loving The Monkees & Neil Diamond is wrong, I don’t wanna be right

  • Helen says:

    You got a T shirt right there, dude.

  • Pavlov's Cat says:

    Phil, I think we are more or less the same age, and I would never confess over at LP my abiding love of 70s West Coast and/or quasi-country sound and other icons of our times (Eagles, CSNY, Joni, Linda Ronstadt, James Taylor — though I did draw the line at Jackson Browne; and I do believe Emmylou is now cool, and Steve Earle and Leonard Cohen even cooler).

    I would also never confess over at LP that I think Sarah Blasko is way overrated, and from what I saw on RocKwiz, can’t sing.

  • phil says:

    PC – agreed on all counts, altho’ I’m partial to a bit of Jackson Browne, I have no shame whatsoever it would seem. And Bob Seger…

    And I definitely prefer Spicks and Specks, where all are equal, whereas Rockwiz is in danger of getting a bit hero-centric, if only because Julia Zemiro is a bit too ‘look at me’. I do like Dougal, though, especially since he started pulling faces when he shows the scores.

  • Zoe says:

    Don’t think we won’t find out, PavCat. It’s all there on the interwebs.

    That said, More than a feeling ROCKS. And if you want to know the kind of thing that gets a guernsey at my place, I have .

  • Zoe says:

    well, I was going to say revealed all, but the brilliance of my html has stuffed that up

    try here http://crazybrave.blogspot.com/2005/03/ipod-schmipod.html

  • Helen says:

    “Blood Sugar Sex Magik”, oh yeah! And Blood on the Tracks is wonderful too. Hmmm, I seem to have this blood thing going on.

    I myself am seriously LP-challenged since my last turntable died. It’s the enormously expensive and hard-to-find styli that did me in. I have a whole box of stuff I can’t play, something I’d meant to blog about.

    Why can’t someone provide a remaster-your LPs-to-CD service?

  • helen – whats the turntable problem? I’ll have a look in my shed – if yr nice.

    Theres a few places that sell good enough stylii – if you are not a high end audiophool there are a few good cheapish options for TTs and also converting to CDs. Second hand TTs are often given away at garage sales or I know a few second hand shops. Check out OpShops – in the non groovey suburbs.

    Although unless album is exceedingly rare it’s usually better (better simply because it can be a bit time consuming to transfer) to find a mate with a CD of same and copy it.

    DSE has cheap turntables that plug into PC and come with software. Shauney from LP – RnR Damnation etc was thinking of doing it.

    I’ve done it – but not with the new TTs that plug straight into PC.

  • Helen says:

    FXH, a lot of my vinyl is (ahem) exceedingly rare!
    (Doesn’t necessarily translate into “collector’s item”, then again…)
    Will think about your advice…

  • Helen – $119 from Dick Smith

    The Optimus LAB 1100 turntable is a fully automatic belt-driven turntable with a built-in pre-amp so it can be directly connected to a PC.

    To enable a user to record from the turntable a PC, the PC needs to have a CD burner, a sound card, and appropriate software. The RCA cable that is included with the turntable can be connected into the sound card of the PC, although some PCs may require a RCA to 3.5 stereo plug adaptor.(P 6572)The Turntable has 2 male RCA leads built onto the turntable.

    It will play both 33 and 45 RPM records. It operates automatically with the tone arm moving to the beginning of the record when the START button is pressed and the tone arm automatically returns when the end of the record is reached.

    The turntable can also be used with a conventional hi-fi system.

  • Helen says:

    Thanks FX. I will drop some major hints to SO for my next birthday.
    Dick Smith, Straya’s saviour! But I assume it’s only for PC, not for Mac? Tsk tsk, how can he kowtow to US imperialism like that?

  • I’d assume the TT is agnostic. afaik it has no software itself – its just an input device with RCA plugs – you might need some cheap converting cables for a mac – dunno what inputs you have.

    Its a good buy as you can plug it directly into a pc because it has a pre-amp. You can also plug it into your ordinary stereo amp. But its even better, you can plug it in to even a new home theater or stereo amp that doesn’t have a TT input. (most new ones) And DSE will have replacement cart and stylii. Might not be a high end audiophools delight but then I’m guessing your old Souixsie Soux singles aren’t in pristine condition anyway.

  • […] Last week, Helen at Blogger On The Cast Iron Balcony, with the psychosocial support of the stalwarts at Larvatus Prodeo1 fessed up to a predilection for Boston’s More than a Feeling, which resides at the #2 slot of LP’s Totally uncool guilt-free list. (ELO’s Livin’ Thing is Number One in this particular hit parade.) […]

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