4 Jul 2006, Comments Off on Fed Department of Ed Complete Bastards, Study shows

Fed Department of Ed Complete Bastards, Study shows

Author: Helen

More proof, if proof were needed, that human beings exist to serve TEH ECONOMY and not the other way around.

Because it’s OK to make children COMPLETELY MISERABLE as long as it’s GOOD FOR THE FUCKING ECONOMY.

Thank you. I feel better now.

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  • phil says:

    They should start work at 4 1/2, not school. That would be very good for teh economy. And if it’s good the teh economy, it’s good for the government. You know it makes sense.

  • Helen says:

    Up the chimneys with ’em!

  • tigtog says:

    And down the mines!

  • Desert Pea says:

    YOu people are so unambitious!!! Its obviously time to give Winnie the Pooh the flick at bedtime and start reading the financial pages to Dolphin Girl (4)- and if I give her a wooden abacus we can call it “play based learning” and keep both sides of the childcare debate happy. Give her a year or so in this environment, and come 30 June 2007 she’ll be able to do my tax return – very economic!

  • kate says:

    one of my cousins learnt his numbers by watching Keno long before he started school. of course, he didn’t learn them in order…

    why do they have so much trouble with the idea that kids develop at different rates and need to start school at different ages? most of the federal parliament have kids, surely they’ve noticed that some kids are bursting to get to school at 4 1/2 (I know a mother who begged to get her kid into school when she was ‘too young’ – she’s at Oxford now) and others are too shy to be in with all those other kids until they’re 6. it’s really not that difficult a concept.

  • Kate says:

    INDIVIDUALISM MUST BE CRUSHED. Oh, except for individual consumerism, which we like.

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