2 Jul 2006, Comments Off on Ohhhhh moi gourd!!

Ohhhhh moi gourd!!

Author: Helen

It’s my opinion that Big Brother is staged, semi-scripted, like WFF wrestling, and the recent fracas between Camilla and two of the men was probably a setup to increase ratings which was taken further than the stage managers meant. Which worked, because we watched tonight’s episode to see how the cro-magnons still in the house would deal with it all. While I counted about 500 “Ohhhhh moi gourd!!!”s during the episode, I have to say I’m bothered, bewildered and bemused, BB. Because what I saw was a woman who’d been sexually assaulted on national television, being made to recount her episode of sexual harassment (again on national television), crying, and apologising… to the perpetrators.

And everybody oh-moi-gourded on for half an hour about how sorry they were for them.


And this comes after an incident where senior management at Channel 9 referred to “boning” a senior female employee.



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  • Armaniac says:


    I note that the most unpleasant apologist for the conduct was Crystal, or is that Krisstall or somesuch… basically flabergasted that a big deal was being made out of the ‘fun’.

    Then again this is the show where you can’t be a non-aussie citizen, and ‘free the refugees’ is considered offensive.

  • saint says:

    Please tell me you’re joking. She apologized to the perpetrators?

  • david tiley says:

    Mind you, BB has better scriptwriters than Eddie McGuire. Mark Llewellyn just proved it.

  • Desert Pea says:

    I haven’t seen the episode, only read the account. Are you really suprised that she ends up apologising? If she demonises them, she’ll become the sport of media for months to come (case in point – the NRL versus young woman who agreed to an intimate moment with one player and ended up with several members of the team).

    I’m actually impressed that she had the where withall to say “That’s not cool” – instead of screaming blue bloody murder – Come to think of it, shame she didn’t give him a decent bite to think about.

    But here’s my issue. The two rock apes played out this scene together- so surely they discussed it before it happened – and isn’t it the whole point of the show that Big Brother is privvy to each conversation? So what in the hell was Big Brother doing in allowing them to play out their sexual assault – sorry – “sexual misconduct” – and now Gretel Colleen is out there proclaiming what “GREAT guys” they really are!

  • TimT says:

    The show should be axed, but I don’t think it’s going to happen; Channel Ten have probably got too many advertisement deals for that to happen.

  • Helen says:

    TimT, I don’t agree with this take on it at all, even though you and many other sensible people are saying BB should/might be axed; I think the network execs are rubbing their hands with glee at the controversy. I think it’s the sort of thing they wanted. You can’t buy this kind of publicity, and is the average BB watcher going to say “Ewwww, that’s such bad taste!”? Ahem.

    After all, they got us watching, didn’t they? and our house has been a BB-free zone so far.

    Saint: ‘Fraid so.

  • kate says:

    I also gather that it was 15 hours after the assult that the neanderthals were removed from the house. Coz ya know it’s ok to leave a person locked up in the house with the two people who’ve attacked her.

    It’s really hard to take in, when you’ve been assulted by someone you know and trust, that they really are that kind of prick. I’m not surprised by her reaction, but I’m sure the boys lawyers are rubbing their hands in glee.

  • tigtog says:

    I’m glad that even all the blogoversy over this was not enough to make me watch BB last night. If I had seen her apologising to those jerks I’d have thrown something at the screen.

  • Alison says:

    Yes, I too feel the full rainbow of feelings for this one.
    I was furious at having obnoxious dickheads yet again paraded as acceptable on our screens.
    I had indignance for the Qld Premier for whining that THIS particular ‘American rubbish’ (becuase that’s a new ‘plague’ for us) should be taken off (hello old fart) and then finshing his lovely 360 with a final comment days later on the producers of course being responsible folk.
    I felt for the girl’s clear cornering in her situation of being caught amongst a ‘She shouldn’t have worn a short skirt’ mob.
    And I cried for our culture that we have Gretel Lobotomy Colleen to guide them all through this.
    I have to hold back my feminist-equalitist thoughts about the whole series lest I become catatonic becuase I can’t decide which rant to start with.

  • kate says:

    I’m really curious as to what the producers of BB would have to see & hear contestants planning/clearly working towards before they would intervene. Would they step in and prevent a murder? What if it was ‘just a bit of biffo’ between two blokes?

    And why on earth do they think it’s acceptable to ‘dare’ her to kiss all the housemates in an hour? Do they think they are at the year 9 social?

  • Gianna says:

    i can’t decide about the show’s level of culpability. i have been feeling that the show can’t be blamed for producing the behavior, rather that it is just a stage to play out behaviors that occur in reality. and that society has far more responsiblity than the one show. but then, Kate reminds me–I did wonder if the show hadn’t inadvertently elicited this behavior by having just previously run that silly “dare” (forcing Camilla to try to kiss Ash against his will while his dare was to not be kissed. given he was oblivious to Camilla’s motivation, i’m sure this would’ve given Ash’s inner caveman the impression she was sexually interested in him. it’s quite possible from a psych perspective that he acted the ape as a direct result. so….maybe the show is guilty of provocation?

  • Helen says:

    The show is just another forum for widespread attitudes, which are pretty regrettable. Many people say it’s a good thing as a lot of gen Yers are now discussing the ethics of the situation. Perhaps a few good patriarchy-blamers of the future are being generated as we speak.

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