1 Jun 2006, Comments Off on Holy Shit!!

Holy Shit!!

Author: Helen

Screenshot from "Left Behind: Eternal Forces"

Both a description of, and the only possible reaction to, this. (Title is lifted directly from comments.)

A lot of people are hoping this one is a hoax.

As one commenter said: imagine the outcry if a group of young Muslim men had come up with this.

(Belated update: Tigtog has more.)

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  • Guy says:

    Disturbing stuff. Of course if a movie was made along the same lines, I am sure there would be a whole lot of outcry. Games are somehow exempt from the same sort of ideological scrutiny.

  • billy bob says:

    Unfortunately this is not a hoax, I believe there are a large number of books and several movies in the “left behind” series, all apparently shite.

    The scary thing is how many ‘murricans apparently believe this stuff out of revelations, the ancient authors of which were definitely smoking something rather powerful.

    There is also a game about invading a country with more than a passing resemblance to Venezeula. We may be seeing the rise of the video game as propaganda, used to turn venally stupid thirteen year old boys into dangerous weapons.

  • billy bob says:

    for a quality rant on this topic see: http://www.coldtype.net/Assets.05/Essays/12.Joe.Whore.pdf
    (lots of quality reading on ColdType)

  • Hed Spacely says:

    I saw a TV special on this game – purporting it as a great example to Christians everywhere. Apparently you lose points for killing innocent bystanders but get points for killing “demons” who look suspiciously like normal people.
    It’s really f**ked if you ask me. Wasn’t the whole killing/abject violence thing looked down on once upon a time?

  • Mike B) says:

    What a pity that the separation of religion and the State (a truly great accomplishment–now forgotten?– of the bourgeois revolution) is having a stake put through its heart with the vaious god-ideologies creeping back into positions of political power. Theocracy or democracy, that is the question. Since I don’t have faith in either god(s) or the people who are chosen for me to vote for, I’ll choose democracy, even the minimal democracy which one gets these days with the Schrubs and Howard-rodents. Julia Gillard looks awfully good to me. ;D

  • Helen says:

    ColdType is interesting. There’s lots of good stuff on there – But Why The 100-Point Typeface. They seem to have ignored the production values of other magazine type sites (and not in a good way.)
    That should go on my “recommended by” sidebar, once I have time to update the thing…

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