24 May 2006, Comments Off on One story isn’t data

One story isn’t data

Author: Helen

The Balcony, Pavlov’s Cat and others have been watching, slackjawed with amazement, as that bulging bag of pus Julian MacGauran has spent years harassing the doctors and staff at the Royal Womens hospital.

For those with the good fortune not to know of Mr McGauran, this is about a contentious late-term abortion which was granted to a suicidal mentally ill woman who could not countenance giving birth to a foetus diagnosed with skeletal dysplasia (dwarfism). The ethical situation was complex, the decision lineball. Due to the woman’s firm stated intention to die one way or the other if forced to give birth, the hospital gave her the termination. For this, Mr Pus Senator McGauran is seeking to make an example of her (that’ll teach her to be mentally ill) and the medical staff (sack’em!). In the process, oopsie! Her name was also made public. Quite by accident, of course.

And what McGauran’s excuse for grandstanding and ruining peoples’ lives like this? Well, it’s the overwhelming epidemic of unnecessary late-term abortions, innit. Because as every selfish career woman knows, if you’re going to have an abortion just for the hell of it and because you don’t want to be inconvenienced, it makes sense to wait till the eighth month, when you’ll already be stretched out of shape, have undergone multiple body changes, need to wear absurd maternity garb, and will have to undergo a more risky procedure than an early term abortion.

Yah, absolutely, I think we just redefined the term no-brainer.

So, where’s this epidemic of unnecessary late-term abortion? Let’s assume the mother and the doctors made the wrong decision (which I don’t). This case happened six years ago. So where are all the other instances?Mr McGauran has latched onto this unfortunate case like the sucking parasite that he is because he doesn’t have any others.

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  • Zoe says:

    Helen, I did a research project for Queensland Health on late term abortions about 10 years ago. Exceedingly rare events.

  • R.H. says:

    Miss Balcony, I want to say that I was born with syphillis, to a mentally retarded woman. And I’m glad. Maybe if this lady didn’t want the baby someone else would take it. But never mind. I could be wrong.

    Anyway, I’m leaving blogland, and want to thank you for putting up with my comments. (Well you deleted a couple, but that’s okay)
    I think blogs are marvellous, but it’s time I broke with it. That’s all.
    The really nice part is that I won’t have to turn this computer on and find out who I’ve upset today, ha ha ha.

    So thanks, Helen. (And that’s my daughter’s name, by the way)

    PS: And to you too, Zoe. Thanks. And good luck.

  • Helen says:

    Only deleted one, RH.
    Sad to see you leaving blogland, but they can be very addictive. Have fun in the fresh air with the three dogs!

    Of course they are. McGauran is ruining these peoples lives for nowt. There’s a point where wilful stupidity becomes positively evil.

  • Kate says:

    Manufactured outrage. It’s sickening.

  • R.H. says:

    Pardon me, but it was in fact two comments you deleted. I’m always sure about this, because I love my little comments and take them very seriously. Deletions are the reason I’ve never wanted to become a blog owning person. Blogs are marvellous, but I can’t take them seriously – not when words can mysteriously disappear.

  • susoz says:

    Well said.

  • brownie says:

    Cheering your excellent post Miss BOACIB.
    You can bet your rosary beads that those who howled down the docs decision would not dream of employing a dwarf, and that their types are the very ones who bitch and moan about retarded mothers receiving a parenting benefit from Centrelink, plus the mother was suicidal so that leaves the poor child not only disadvantaged but orphaned. Better to die sooner than later and slowly.
    My mother was mentally ill and I have to tell you my childhood was ratshit thanks. She tried to drown me the very day she got home from the maternity ward and I honestly wish she had succeeded.

    and Julian honey? the late term abortions we ALL really hate are those where the newborn is found in a trashcan – and there are PLENTY of those thanks to guys like you.

  • brownie says:

    and may I commen you Dear BOACIB for ‘bulging bag of pus’ which ties with another (Zoe? Sills Bend? I forget) blogger’s ‘I hope he drowns in a river of snot’ ….

  • R.H. says:

    Well anyone is right to be outraged after receiving shoddy goods.
    My final word is that I hope you all give birth to perfect human beings, and that if not, you can take them back for a refund, just as you can return your plasma TV if the picture quality is not to your liking in this marvellous modern world of consumer power. Because not everyone is like RH who was born funny to a funny looking lady but found the guts to accept it, understand it, and be proud of it.

  • Helen says:

    R.H. I’m glad your mother chose to have you, but that has no bearing on this case. Obviously your mum wanted you. This mum had a stated intention to die rather than give birth. See Menhennit ruling. I also did say it was “lineball”. That’s what “lineball” means. Many of us woudn’t have aborted for that reason, but we are not her.

  • R.H. says:

    What a classic piece of social worker drivel. Pure melody.
    You just haven’t understood. And I don’t think you actually can.
    My mother never chose to do a thing in her life, she had a mental age of eight years, she got used up that’s all, by your filrthy rotten Australian society, which eventually allowed her to be locked away from her kids, and those kids not to be adopted, not to be fostered, but handed out in pubs by their worthless drunken father to any crazy monster who wanted one. My mother never had the cunning or selfishness to con bourgeois society by using emotional blackmail on it because she was never wanting a perfect commodity, she loved her kids – whatever shape, that’s all.
    Do you understand? You may if you keep going, get a nice world full of aesthetically pleasing human beings. Dry boring and nicely shaped.
    But what will you do for diversity. What will you do for a Danny de Vito; an ugly deformed little man with the enormous rare talent to make millions laugh. Wake up. You’ve no right ever to say what gets life and what doesn’t. You stupid selfish mean lot of people!

  • Helen says:

    RH, use reasonably civil language please or be deleted.
    The example of your mum doesn’t have any bearing on the other case. I am sorry for her (and for you), but it doesn’t make McGauran’s action right. Do you really think in a million years that man has the interests of people like you, your mum, or the other woman at heart? Give me a break.

    Have you considered counselling? I know it’s prohibitively expensive, but if you’re on a pension or health care card or something, perhaps you could get some at a reasonable cost.

  • R.H. says:

    If the world had had the interests of me and my mum at heart it would have saved you and your gang a lot of trouble. Honestly.
    It’s beginning to see its error now.

    -Counselling? Why not a lobotomy?

    ha ha ha.

    So sorry to have upset you.

  • R.H. says:

    I have never regretted my birth, or my upbringing.

    It’s given me a challenge. An unusual life. Amazing extraordinary and highly talented.

    For better or worse.


  • R.H. says:

    Never be in a hurry. You should concentrate on what people say, instead of letting your prejudice blind you. I said I’m glad – right from the start.
    I’m uncivil about your filthy Australian society, that’s all.
    I got deleted on a site, and then banned from it, for defending it – and its women – from a liar and hypocrite.

    Work it out.

  • Helen says:

    You haven’t been banned yet RH, but the comments on this site are meant to reflect a variety of views, not just be a forum for repeated rants by one person. This stuff about gangs and your own personal issues is better vented to a professional who can help you.

    Comments on this thread are now closed

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