12 May 2006, Comments Off on Friday Dog blogging

Friday Dog blogging

Author: Helen

This will make you laugh.

This will make you cry.

He is a good dog irrevocably.

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  • R.H. says:


    Well golly me but we can’t let this go without comment.




    Three dogs. That’s right. Romping with RH in the Temple of Extreme Thought. RH, ornery critter, says: Well thanks Miss Balcony, for these dog pictures. Dogs make a better world. People living in apa-a-a-a-rtments can’t have a dog, poor bums. But they can have TV; Desperate Housewives and Big Brother; electronic medicine. In concrete heaven.

    Poor bums.

  • Helen says:

    You’re thrice blessed RH.

  • R.H. says:

    Four times when I met you Miss Helen

  • susoz says:

    Those Zeke posts are like a portent to me, with a dog who’s heading for 13 and slowing down by the week, though still able to get up to a gambolling run. It’s impossible not to contemplate the future (and the past) every time we take her out for a walk.

  • Helen says:

    I’m thinking of you as well, Barista. I know it’s not time to get a new Wonder dog yet (but when you do it’ll be Wonderful)

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